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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 227 The Little Secret Was Discovered

Zac didn't want to let Valery come. After all, she was pregnant and it was inconvenient for her to move around. But she cried so sadly and threatened that she would go by herself if he refused to take her. So he had to take her there.

Cherry was very disappointed. She felt even more resentful at the sight of Valery.

When Jenny saw Essie, she was stunned. She had never expected that Essie would be the wife of Zac. Jenny caught a glimpse of Cherry, and she suddenly realized that Cherry must have taken her to Essie's place to make clothes for her the other day on purpose. Cherry was a hypocritical, cunning woman in Jenny's heart.

Despite this, Mary's mind was still in a mess. Her plan was not like this. She was looking for someone to replace Essie. Fortunately, Albert was in A City and had not returned yet. If he knew this, he would skin her alive.

The luxurious private plane of Rong family was decorated like a presidential suite.

Cherry was not from a rich family. She was born in a middle class family. Her mother, Tracy, and Mary were schoolmates. They were on good terms. So Mary was fond of her, while Jenny was not a real rich girl and she had to work for tuition fees. Sitting in the luxurious private plane of the Rong family, both of them were very excited. They loved Zac's unparalleled handsome face. And more importantly, his wealth and power were unparalleled. They thought it was OK to be lovers. It was much better to be a lover of rich man than to be a wife of a poor guy. Moreover, this was only temporary. They would seize all the opportunities to go to the upper class.

Zac glanced at them with a sneer on his lips. In this world, only the muddleheaded Essie would accept the him even though he was poor and foolishly took out all her properties just in order to rescue him from a "rich woman".

Essie, on the other hand, didn't get jealous at all. "We four can play mahjong at the same time. It's great! We are friends from now on. I'm Essie Xia, the eldest one. You call just call me Essie. Jenny is the second, and Valery is the third. Cherry is the fourth. I have made a schedule for us. Everyone is supposed to treat each other equally and has a day to be with Zac in a week. On Friday, you will have a rest and gather your energy. On Saturday, we can play together and have a rest on Sunday. "

Both Cherry and Jenny were totally petrified to hear that. They felt so shocked.

How generous, tolerant and selfless she was!

Valery suspected that Essie must have been badly hit and mentally ill.

Mary didn't think the same way. If she was right, Essie just pretended to be generous to fool her son because Essie's position was shaken and she had to do something in case she was divorced. 'Well, it's impossible for her to succeed as long as I'm here. I won't give up until I get rid of you.' Mary thought.

Zac closed his eyes for rest, pretending not to hear what his wife said. His look was like an outsider, letting his wife do her best and enjoy her performance.

After Cherry recovered from her surprise for Essie's words, she was unhappy and asked, "why am I the fourth?" Cherry believed she was the daughter-in-law selected by Mary, and she was always ready to be the wife. It was too much to let her be the last one.

"Because you are the least sensible!" Valery said and gave Cherry a black look.

A touch of disgust flashed through Cherry's eyes.copy right hot novel pub