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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 216 Find A Mistress For Her Son (Part Two)

Amy and Jacy fell in love with this place at the first day they came to work because they could drink blue mountain coffee which was only available to rich people every day.

"Amy, Jacy, how are you doing these days in your duty?" Essie took a sip of her coffee and asked with a smile.

"Very accustomed to it. We like it very much." Amy said with a smile, "The decoration here is fantastic!"

"Yes, I fell in love with this place as soon as I came in." Jacy ran his fingers through his forehead and replied, "Ms. Yi, the designer for the decoration of this shop is super. Well, the room is great. From the wall, the floor, to the furniture, all of these are impressively graceful and stylish."

With a slight smile on her face, Essie continued, "Well, he is the youngest designer who has won the Pritzker building prize in the world. He must be good in his job."

"Wow." Amy cupped her chin with her hands and said with admiration and worship on her face, "Miss Yi, you have a lot of celebrities around you. Do you think we will have the chance to meet them in the future?"

"If you behave well, you will have a chance to meet them." Essie smiled again.

"Can I have a chance to meet Jim?" I've been in love with him for a long time." Amy exclaimed, her eyes lighting up with excitement.

"I also want to see Jim. He is my prince charming, my happiness and the spring of my life." Jacy responded more dramatically than she did.

Essie felt a bit uneasy. No wonder people would say that 'How many people on the earth, there would be how many fans of Jim. She used to think it was too exaggerated before, but now she believed it. Jim is really appealed to both male and female.

"There will be a scene of 'War Emperor' being filmed in Dragon City. If you perform well, I will take you to visit him!" She smiled.

Amy and Jacy were so excited that they jumped up from the chairs at once.copy right hot novel pub