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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 215 Find A Mistress For Her Son (Part One)

The opening of SUMMER100℃ was originally an extremely normal thing. However, it became an event that set the whole city astir. It was the front page news of the entertainment magazines because King Jim and Nicole all came over to attend the ribbon-cutting.

There were too many fans and crowds, so they had to send the armed police to maintain the order.

The big LED screen hanging outside the exclusive shop was playing the advertising video of the movie, 'Love, don't wait', which was about the two protagonists' limited edition clothing. They were sold out in an hour.

To Essie's surprise, all the men's suits in the advertising video were purchased by female fans and gays.

"I got the vest King Jim wears!" A sunshine waved the booty in his hand and screamed out of joy.

"This is the pant Walt had worn." The toy boy next to her showed off.

Essie covered her forehead with her hand, seeming to be in a sweat.

Such a superstar effect was really strong, and King Jim's god-send charm could kill all the people in an instant.

Because Essie was the designer of the costumes in 'Beauty on Overpass', her brand SUMMER100℃ had become a popular name brand among the young. And she was the beloved designer. On top of that, the micro movie, 'Love, don't wait' and the indirect over hype by the 'War Emperor', SUMMER100℃ had become well-known to every household in the entire country.

The shops on the Internet were also quite popular. The moment the same limit clothing of the two main characters opened the booking channel, they were all booked.

At the same time, Albert was also keeping an eye on SUMMER100℃. This was a very unique and successful marketing case.

"Is this your idea?" He took a drag on his cigar and looked at his son.

Zac shook his head. "I didn't expect my wife to be so profitable. Is this what you called 'A terrific husband with an equally remarkable wife'?"

In fact, Albert had already known that this girl was not an ordinary one. A smile rested on his face.

However, Mary held different ideas and thought it was a good chance to stir up trouble.copy right hot novel pub