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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 20 You Feel Bad When Touching

The more Essie thought about it, the more nervous she got. She almost jumped to her feet and tried to run away, but Zac didn't go to her. Instead, he went straight to the fridge and took out a box of ice cream. "I just wanted to help you with this," he said.

She took a deep breath, still petrified as Zac pointed at her temple with his index finger and said, "You think too much. But even if you wanted to do that, I still wouldn't want to because you feel like a dehydrated dry carrot when I touch you."

Her face became bright red as he spoke. When she noticed the cheeky grin on his face and realized that he was actually teasing her, she got angry, scooped out some ice cream, and wiped it on his face.

This guy was a neat freak, so she thought he would immediately run to the bathroom and take a shower. She absolutely did not expect him to fight back, but he scooped out some ice cream as well and smeared it all over her face.

'You want to declare war on me? Fine! I'm not afraid of you at all!' Zac thought.

Then, an ice cream battle started.

They ran all over the house while laughing until all of the ice cream in the fridge was gone.

Afterwards, Essie lay on the floor, out of breath. Then, she licked the ice cream around her lips.

Seeing the flushed and naughty look on Essie's face, Zac felt quite amused.

A deep, rumbling laughter came out of his throat, and pulled at her heartstrings, just like a dragonfly skimming its wings over the lake and spreading out ripples.

He was an extremely handsome man, and he became even more charming when he smiled. Whenever he smiled, his usually cold profile became gentle and bright.

It was no wonder that Mandy was so mesmerized by him. It was as if God made this man so incredibly good looking in order to tease women and make them fight with one another over him.

While she was still in a trance, Zac inched his face closer to hers until the tip of his nose was almost touching her nose. "Essie, you obviously like looking at me," he said.

Upon hearing his words, Ethan felt her blood boil. She turned her head to the side and immediately sat up straight. It really was true that men always thought with the lower part of their body. "You sex maniac, if you can't hold it in any longer, go and find a woman outside.copy right hot novel pub