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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 193 No One Can Rest In Peace (Part Two)

She immediately took hold of Elizabeth. She was planning on having a retort to push the narrative that Essie was the one who should be blamed but she never anticipated what Zac did. She underestimated his ability to spot what was wrong and his commitment on pursuing the truth.

Seeing all of these unfold, Mary stood up and said firmly, "It's a misunderstanding, Zac. There is no need to get the police involved."

This gave Elizabeth another opportunity, another opening. "You know what? Forget it," she said dismissively as she waved her hand in the air. "Valery and her child are fine, and that is what's important. I will not investigate this tragic incident any further." After she spoke, she ordered the obviously shaken up Sage to go inside Valery's room to take care of her. Like a panicked mouse, Sage scurried to the VVIP ward, as if making an escape from Zac who seemed determined on having her jailed.

"Zac, you stay here with Valery. We'll go back first," Mary said. She understood that at this moment, Valery needed Zac the most. Also, she realized that if he was not with them, it would be easier for her to teach this foxy Essie a lesson or two.

However, it seemed like Zac read Mary's mind. "I'll come see Valery tomorrow," he said, sounding annoyed. "My wife had been wronged today. I have to comfort her." Then he put his arm around Essie's shoulders.

Mary and Elizabeth blushed with anger at the same time.

"Zac, I think we should make it clear right here, right now whose life was just in danger," Elizabeth said angrily. "Valery almost had a miscarriage, Zac! Essie looks like she just got out of the salon! Why do you think she needs you? Are you out of your mind?"

"You have never been more wrong, Aunt Elizabeth," Zac replied, his voice lacking emotion. "Being hurt mentally is harder than being hurt physically, so I will stay with Essie. Now, heed my warning: if anyone of you dares to wrong and hurt my wife again, I won't spare you!" His voice was cold and threatening.

Elizabeth was irritated by what Zac had done. He used to respect her a little bit, but now, just because of Essie, he had been extremely rude to her, as if he had no respect for her!

Upon seeing the agitated state Elizabeth was in, Mary took her hand and caressed it to help her calm down. Then, she looked at Zac and said, "Women can't be more important than your son. He is your own blood, for God's sake, Zac! He and Valery are not very stable right now.copy right hot novel pub