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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 191 A Miscarriage (Part Two)

How could he still force her to stay if her presence would just bother him? How could he keep bothering her and torturing her to death every night if she was a headache to him?

"Since I'm a big headache to you, then free yourself from the pain and let me go," she muttered sourly.

His face immediately darkened. "Don't say such nonsense again," he said seriously.

She snorted, "Unless you tie me up with a chain, I will find a way to escape." Her tone sounded like a hissy fit. She was a pain in his butt. He didn't love her at all. The only reason she was still here was because he trapped her into this death sentence of a marriage just because his demands needed to be met.

His shapely eyebrows twisted. He was nearing the end of his patience but he had to hold his anger back. Smiling mischievously, he crept one hand to her underbelly. "Maybe when you have a child, you won't think about leaving anymore." He hadn't been practiced contraception all the time. If everything went smooth, she would have been pregnant in no time.

But Essie took his hand off and refused, "I don't want to have a baby!" She had been secretly taking birth control pills without telling him. Their marriage was nothing more than a farce. They shouldn't be selfish enough to involve a baby in their lives.

There was a dark glint in Zac's eyes before he said, "If you don't want to have a baby by yourself, you can ask for others' help." There was a subtle threat in his voice. He just wanted a child of their own, so he would never have another child with another woman.

She trembled slightly at his words. There was no medical reason for her not to give birth to her own baby. Why should she find someone else? Her child must come from her own belly.

"We can talk about babies later. You promised me that you would let me go if the baby in Valery's belly is yours. Don't try to trap me with another baby.copy right hot novel pub