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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 190 A Miscarriage (Part One)

After the show was over, Essie started to browse through the programs available. Just then, she remembered today was the premiere of Jim's new drama, 'Diamond Family.'

"Jim's personality perfectly fits this kind of program." She giggled.

"I like his comedy shows more," Zac said with a mysterious smile. Jim usually played with different kinds of genres and seldom play the same kind of drama show in a year.

"I don't think he's suitable to play in a romantic drama," Essie said in a feigned serious tone as she touched her chin.

"Why not?" Zac said, raising one of his eyebrows at her.

"Could you imagine him doing kissing scenes? Even the bed scenes are not real. So what is the point of watching them?" She narrowed her eyes as she tried to give off a seductive look at Zac.

Zac was speechless. He could imagine Jim getting a nosebleed at Essie's insinuations.

"Honey, you do know he's a germophobe, right?"

"Humph!" There was a look of disbelief on Essie's face. How could Jim possibly be a germaphobe when he had slept with so many women? Wasn't he afraid of getting a disease?

"I'm a germaphobe, too. If you have sex with other women, you're not allowed to come back and touch me. Otherwise, I'll vomit all over your body," she replied.

A weird expression flashed on Zac's face. This silly girl still didn't trust him. It would have been cute and amusing if it weren't proving to be such a serious problem now. He had to find a solution quickly or he would be in danger.

"Honey, you can see from all the TV shows that men with affairs come home late at night. I come home early every night to have dinner with you."

"Not all affairs are conducted at night." Essie pursed her lips. Her gaze fleeted to the grey wolf beside her, her thoughts running at high speed. A lot of affairs happened in daytime as well. After their little interlude on her design table yesterday, she could still feel her waist a little sore today.

Zac sighed. This silly girl was always thinking differently. Even if he ran out of words, she still wouldn't believe him.

"An old saying said, ‘A wise man knows he knows nothing.copy right hot novel pub