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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 185 Brothers Fought Against Each Other (Part One)

Walt had already devised the perfect plot against his brother. Everything was going according to his plan, using Valery, Elizabeth and Vinton to accomplish it. The last thing he expected was for the woman he longed for to appear halfway and involve herself in the deadly whirlpool he had spent so much time building.

It seemed as though God was not on his side, and always found a way to throw obstacles on his way. However, even God couldn't stop or hold him back. He wanted to take control of the Rong family, and he also wanted the girl. There was no way he would let anything slip under his eyes again.

When dinner ended, Essie and Zac drove Eva back to her rented apartment before going back to the dreaded Rong Mansion.

While waiting for the stop light to turn green, Zac turned his head and looked at Essie and said, "I didn't expect that you were so capable when it came to golf."

"I was a golf caddy during my four years in college. I was able to learn some tricks and techniques from the coach in secret," she explained passively, and hoped not to arouse suspicion.

"It seems like you have a very well developed cerebellum. I guess you aren't so dumb after all," he said jokingly, lifting the corners of his mouth. He glanced at her with an affectionate expression all over his face.

"I have an IQ over 160, why would you think I was stupid?" She folded her arms across her chest discontentedly and puffed out her cheeks while glaring at him. Essie was aware that she was a little disorderly, but there are many geniuses with a high IQ who were chaotic in their own ways.

"You scored over 160 on your IQ test? I just can't see it!" Zac jested in a playful voice pretending to be in shock and couldn't believe. Teasing and blowing the little idiot's mind had already become one of his favorite things to do.

"Geniuses don't reveal their inner strength so easily. People with such low intelligence such as yours would never come close to understanding the minds of the intelligent," she said sarcastically, with a ferocious pout on her bottom lip. He had a dual master's degree in architecture and business administration, and was also proficient in eight foreign languages. Essie was well aware that his IQ was certainly above hers. However, now she was deliberately trying to belittle him to piss him off because he had spent all this time looking down on her, making her feel like such a fool all the time.

"You are right." He touched his chin lightly and said in a deep, low voice, "From this moment onwards, I have decided to know more about intelligent people like you.copy right hot novel pub