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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 184 Quarrelsome Lovers (Part Two)

"Thank you, Mr. Vinton!" Eva let out a soft smile that was as beautiful as a blossoming peony. Astonished, Vinton took out a business card from his pocket and said, "Give me your number, so that we can go out and have some fun once we have the time."

"Okay." Eva took the card and gave him her telephone number.

With a sneer on his lips, Jim thought about how Eva was cold to him, but gentle to Vinton. It looked like she wasn't as naive as he thought she was, after all.

'Oh my God, why are you letting yourself get so close to Vinton?' Essie worried about Eva in her mind.

After Vinton saved her phone number, he looked at Jim with a smile and said, "You must show mercy. You can't bully our Eva. And, of course, you can't apply the hidden rules to her."

He wanted to have sex with this beautiful woman.

"I won't do that even if she volunteers to sleep with me."

Eva chuckled and covered her mouth. "Jim wouldn't like me. He likes pretty girls with nice shapes, such as Bonnie, Hanna..." She listed a number of female stars that had been romantically linked with Jim and realized that all of them were found to have physical surgery by the paparazzi. "I'm not sure if Jim has a quirk for big boobs or silica gel."

Eva's words amused Vinton. He liked her spicy character. There weren't a lot of women like that. It made her special.

A sullen look appeared on Jim's handsome face. "Artificial is better than nothing. If I cannot get a good hand feel, then how is that any different from touching a skeleton?"

His words made Eva's blood boil with rage. Her hair was almost smoking. She took a sip of wine to try to suppress her anger, then she turned to Vinton and said, "Mr.copy right hot novel pub