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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 182 The Hatred Of Snatching Love

"So... the reason why you don't want to marry my sister is because of her," Vinton said with a rather gloomy expression on his face. Since he came back, he had heard nothing but his mother, full of righteous indignation, ceaselessly complaining about something Valery was involved in. Truth be told, his ears had started to hurt, so he had been escaping the house in the last couple of days to play golf and to give his ears a break.

Of course, he himself was hoping that Valery could marry into a wealthy family, as that would benefit him in his fight against Alice for the family successor role. But if Zac was unwilling to marry his sister, why did he knock her up? Was Valery's position as a daughter of the Xu family too humble for him?

"If you were in my shoes, who would you pick: her or your sister?" Zac asked slowly. As a typical man, Vinton was not sophisticated in his tastes, but he did adore women and he had no problems saying what he thought.

Vinton was silent for a moment. If it were him, he would definitely choose the woman in front of him. Admittedly, his sister was also a beauty, but her face, figure, and temperament suffered in comparison to this woman.

However, Valery was his twin sister, after all, and he shouldn't act like an outsider. "Even so... but my sister is pregnant," he murmured.

"If we were in a normal relationship, I would have definitely married her, but I hate people who scheme to entrap me the most." Zac's tone was frigid.

Vinton fell silent. In Dragon City, Zac had the reputation for being notoriously cold-blooded, swiftly decisive, and deathly terrifying when angry. The fact that he allowed his sister to carry the child full term and give birth to it was totally out of character. As a man, he also hated being entrapped by women. Fortunately, he had his mother to deal with them. Women who were willing to have an abortion in exchange for money were usually paid off by his mother, whereas those who were unwilling were usually forced to take abortifacients or undergo the operation. Once, a young model he had dated died of massive hemorrhage on the surgery table. His mother gave a large sum of money to the model's family to help them get over her loss and to shut them up.

"Since we met here by chance, why don't we play together?" suggested Jim.

"Okay." Vinton nodded, and they walked toward the court together.

Meanwhile, Essie and Eva were sitting on the bench nearby to watch the match.

Taking a sip of juice, Essie sat gazing at the beautiful men on the lawn. As the well-known president of the Handsome Association, she appreciated everyone, including Vinton, even though she didn't like him.

"Essie, tell me about the pineapple and coconut story," Eva said with a smirk.

"We met during my trip to Maldives. He is just a friend. I didn't expect him to be icy guy's brother," Essie said casually.

"He is late." Eva knew how to read men. From the excitement on Walt's face, it was evident that he had feelings for her best friend. Now that Essie had turned out to be his younger sister-in-law, he may have to give up.

Essie didn't quite hear what she said clearly. She sighed slightly and said, "They say the world is big, but it's actually very small."

"The world is big for those who are destined not to be together, but it is small for those who are." Eva shrugged her shoulders and wondered where her Mr. Right was.

On the court, Vinton glanced at the rest area and looked at Jim. "Did that girl sitting beside Essie come here with you?"

Squinting his eyes, Jim glanced toward the direction Vinton was pointing at. Then, an indescribable expression fell over his face. "That's Essie's best friend, and I have nothing to do with her. She is not a woman, at all—she's a man that's been fermenting in a chili jar. If you know what's good for you, you'd keep well away from that person, or you will suffer.copy right hot novel pub