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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 18 The Perfect Husband

"Essie, we thought you would be devastated because of Hanson's upcoming marriage. You seem well though, and we didn't expect you to be so cheerful like now. Have you really moved on?" Mandy asked deliberately.

At the mention of Hanson's name, Eva suddenly coughed as if to remind Mandy not to aggravate Essie.

Essie's eyes darkened instantly. It was true that she didn't have much time to think about Hanson after spending the last few days quarreling with Zac. She realized just now that Zac's troublesome attitude was actually a blessing in disguise. Since there was no chance for her to end up with Hanson anyway, it would be a waste to think about him.

"I've decided to concentrate on my work. I won't date someone before the age of 25." She vowed solemnly.

Eva wagged a disapproving finger at her. "You can't miss the opportunity to pursue love just because of career! Your youth and good looks are wasted on you if you keep that up. Don't think that you'll be pretty forever. The best time to look for love is now!"

Essie let out a sigh. "Not everyone is like you, changing boyfriends within a week and treating love as a game." Mandy turned her gaze at Essie. With a pitying look, she said, "Hanson is Essie's true love. I don't think Essie will ever forget Hanson."

While speaking, she sneaked a look at Zac. The man on the other side was looking at the iPad in his hand and didn't seem to listen to them at all. She couldn't see his eyes well, so she didn't notice that his eyes had dimmed at the mention of Hanson.

Essie chomped down on the pear and finished it in a few seconds. Annoyed, she wiped the juice off her mouth and replied, "It's hard for me to forget my feelings just like that. It's such a waste to make such a perfect person as Hanson marry Sunny. Cupid must have been drunk when he shot his arrows at those two.copy right hot novel pub