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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 175 Fierce Competition (Part Two)

The photos sent to her through email must have been taken during that ball.

Even an eight year-old child could tell that he was an unfaithful lover.

"I see. So, he didn't behave well when I was away. How should I punish him tonight?" She stroked Holy's head and looked at Zac with a faint smile, but her eyes were cold.

"Punish him by having him kneel on the CPU all day and not allowing him to eat anything," Holy said with a gloating grin. Zac glared at him.

This bloodthirsty little kid kicked him while he was down and tried to sow discord between him and Essie!

Zac reached out his big hand and frantically rubbed his little head.

Holy made a funny face to him, bowed his head, and took a bite of the muffin. Unexpectedly, he said, "Sister Essie, Brother Zac has a first love. Do you have a first love?"

After the smallest of pauses, Essie replied, "Yes, I do." Essie nodded her head deliberately and took a sideways glance at Zac. His handsome face suddenly became cloudy, and the little devil inside him stuck his horns into his heart.

"Is he handsome?" Holy asked.


"Is he awesome?"


"Is he nice to you?"

"He is very nice to me. I'm the one he loves, no one else."

They continued chatting with each other and took no notice of the man with them.

The man picked up his juice box and sucked vehemently to vent his rage.

After hearing Essie's reply, Holy rolled his big black eyes and blinked in confusion. "Then, why did you break up with him and marry Brother Zac? I know Brother Zac is handsome and powerful, but he's too fickle. Besides, he is not faithful to you. Isn't it bad for you to marry him?"

Zac had a sudden mental image of him chucking this little hellion into the lake and was sorely tempted to turn it into reality. To restrain himself, he picked up a black grape and stuffed it into his mouth. "Eat up! If you don't finish all the food on the boat, then we won't go back to the shore!"

He had to seal his troublesome small lips with food.

Essie let out a deep sigh, and her voice trailed off like a comet. "Holy, I love beauty. I love everyone and anything beautiful.copy right hot novel pub