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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 174 Fierce Competition (Part One)

"She is fine. They won't be getting any results, anyway, so they might as well end early." Christina shrugged. She had never thought her elder sister and Zac would end up being together.

Hearing their conversation, Hanson's eyes twinkled. "Christina, is your sister named Leila?" Their last names were the same, and considering the relationship that they were discussing, he felt that he was correct.

Christina nodded and said, "Yes, my sister is a special guest for the second round of 'Beauty on Runway.' Hanson, you probably know my sister, right?"

"Yes, I know her." An unreadable expression flashed across Hanson's eyes. "What's the relationship between your sister and Ivy's cousin?"

"They used to be together. I guess you can call them each other's first loves," Christina said in an understatement.

Hanson frowned and shot a worried glance toward Ivy. "Last time at the opening ceremony of Yang City fashion week, I saw that your cousin and Christina's sister attended together. Are they still dating secretly?"

"I don't think so..." Ivy trailed off, uncertainty evident in her voice. After all, her cousin took Leila to a dancing party when Essie returned to Yang City.

This matter had fired up all sorts of speculations and rumors within the upper class and celebrity circles.

Of course, Christina knew that as well.

"The relationship between them has always been vague, and outsiders can't really tell for sure. But then, they've been together for so many years, so it's but natural for them to have retained some affection for each other," she said faintly.

Hanson was seething inwardly. Zac had an ongoing situation with his ex-girlfriend while clinging to Essie. Zac Rong was a greedy, disgusting, despicable, and hateful SOB.

Noticing the displeasure on Hanson's face, Ivy thought that he wanted to defend his old schoolmate, Essie, so she tried to explain her cousin's side. "My cousin is very cautious in handling matters. He knows that it is impossible for him to be with Leila, so they probably had to give up their feelings for each other.copy right hot novel pub