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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 172 Out Of Sight Yet Not Out Of Mind (Part Two)

He was playing up their affection, knowing everyone was watching them.

Ivy and Daisy looked at each other as they rubbed their arms. "Oh, my God! I'm getting goose bumps all over. I know that 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'. But please don't rub it into our faces. I'm still single. Okay?"

"When you get yourself a boyfriend, you might be more clingy than them." Daisy giggled.

Ivy sniffed as she said, "I only have eyes for Hanson. As for other boys, I have no interest in them." She propped her chin with both hands. She didn't notice the cold aura from Zac beside her.

How dare Ivy brought this up!

Valery was livid with rage as they taunted her with a scene she knew she would never be a part of. Her features twisted hideously. She said, "Ivy, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. Your Hanson is already in love with someone else," Her voice was dripping with malice and she fixed her eyes on Essie coldly.

Essie was shocked. Was it possible that Valery had known about her and Hanson?

But how did she know that?

Ivy pursed her lips. "I know, it's Sunny. But there was news yesterday that his wedding with her has been delayed until the end of the year. Maybe they would cancel it altogether."

Valery turned her head and looked at Zac. When she met his cold and sharp eyes, she shivered and realized that she had spilled the beans too early. Trying to control the damage, she immediately said, "I have a friend in the Entertainment Weekly. She told me that some paparazzi had recently photographed Hanson with another woman. I think he might have a new girlfriend."

"The paparazzi are always making groundless reports. The girl he dated must be his friend. As a designer, it's normal for Hanson to meet with models frequently.copy right hot novel pub