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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 17 The Dream Man Is Not Easy To Deal With

"I'm Mandy, don't you remember me? Six years ago, during the trip to the Himalayas, my traveling companions and I came across some difficulty. It was you who saved us."

It was not until then that Zac realized what she was referring to. Yet, this compliment didn't make him look proud. He continued to have an indifferent expression on his face. Shrugging his shoulder, he let go of the matter.

However, hearing this, Essie walked over and patted him on the shoulder. With a playful look on her face, she said, "I wasn't aware you had gone to the Himalayas. It sounds amazing!" Mandy had repeated this story a million times in the past. It was something she enjoyed narrating every now and then. They had also named this story as the independent hero climbing the mountains and rivers. The way he had hit eight gangsters all by himself was the part she told with a relish.

Zac gently pinched the tip of her chin. "There are still a lot of things you don't know."

Looking at them, Mandy couldn't help but feel a little envious. She never expected that her dream hero would one day become her best friend's hero. "Essie, how do you know him?" If they hadn't known each other for a long time and if their relationship hadn't reached anywhere, then it meant Mandy still stood a chance.

Thinking something was going on between the two, she was overtaken by an urge to curse. Essie, on the other hand, quickly noticed the change in Mandy's expression and answered, "He is my roommate."

She knew Mandy too well. Her biggest weakness was her paranoia. As soon as they returned from the journey, Mandy kicked her boyfriend mercilessly and urged her to accompany her to do hymen repair surgery. Nervously, Essie obeyed and didn't even dare tell Eva about this. She decided to keep the relationship between her and Zac as simple as possible. She couldn't let her other relationships to be damaged because of it. Apart from the fact they had a fake marriage certificate and had sex once accidentally, there was nothing between the two. After two months, they would separate and never contact each other again.

'She had told them we are nothing but roommates,' thought Zac to himself. It pained him to see the attitude with which she looked at their relationship. 'Did that sex mean nothing to her?' he wondered.

Mandy was greatly relieved when she was filled in with the reality of their relationship. Essie was her best friend and she loved her with all her heart.copy right hot novel pub