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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 162 Having An Affair (Part Two)

"Mr. Yang is willing to help, provided that you and Sunny would marry as soon as possible. Then, he will invest in Bella. In any case, sooner is better than later, so it would be best for you go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow..." Mrs. Xia had not finished presenting her suggestion when Hanson interrupted her, "I have already told my father that I don't intend to marry Sunny, so stop trying to force me."

"Hanson..." Jobson took a deep drag on his cigar and said slowly, "Bella has never encountered a crisis of this scale before. Now's not the time for you to be so stubborn, not when it's a matter of the company's survival. You have to prioritize your family and the company before your romance. Do you know who's behind this whole debacle?"

"Who is it?" Hanson asked, eyebrows furrowed with apprehension.

"The Emperor Group. Its CEO is the second son of the Rong family. He is a very shrewd businessman, and even US's most famous company, the Rock Group, entered into his pocket without the slightest effort. The only way for us to win against them is by joining hands with the Yang family." Jobson's eyes were full of sadness.

After some time, Hanson's body jerked in realization. "The CEO's name... is it Zac Rong?"

Jobson nodded.

Hanson's handsome face clouded over. It looked like Zac was after his blood all this time. So he wanted to take Essie away from him? He'd have to kill him first!

He could lose Bella, but he could never lose Essie!

"I'll think about it," he said noncommittally and made his exit.

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