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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 155 Then They Turned Against Each Other (Part One)

Essie was surprised when she received a call from Mandy.

Apparently, she had already arrived in Dragon City and since she wasn't really familiar with the place, she asked Essie if she could tour her around and take her to some good shopping spots.

Right after her phone call with Mandy, Essie remembered that Eva had also arrived in the city yesterday to prepare for the initial audition of War Emperor. She quickly dialed her number and invited her out so that the three of the could have a happy get-together.

Dragon City was a paradise for shoppers: you could buy everything from cheap goods to the most expensive luxury products. The city was committed to fulfilling the needs and wants of everyone in every consumption level.

Essie went to the hotel to pick up Eva first, and together they went to the shopping street to look for Mandy.

Mandy was in a Starbucks. She looked gloomy all alone but the moment she saw Essie coming towards her, her face brightened up and a big smile appeared on her face.

"Have you been waiting long, Mandy?" Essie asked with a smile.

"No," Mandy responded, smiling back. "I just got here from the hotel!" As she said that, she caught a glimpse of Eva beside Essie. It surprised her because she didn't expect her to be there. "You two have been staying together recently?" she asked.

"No," Eva answered, chuckling a bit. "I arrived here yesterday to take part in a play's initial audition process. I want to try my luck and see if I can snatch the main role!" Despite that, Eva was somewhat confident about her chances of getting the main role. "How about you, Mandy?" she asked. "Are you on a holiday here or something?"

"Yes," Mandy answered. "I've taken a few days off of work because I want to go shopping. I originally invited Essie but you should really come along! I hear it's really nice here. Also, the three of us haven't really been together for a long time," Mandy suggested, a warm smile on her face.

"You know what, sure!" Eve exclaimed. "I am always busy, so busy looking for acting jobs and doing some extra work on the sidelines that it's been really rare for me to be with any of my friends!" Eva enclosed Mandy and Essie in one big hug.

After they had their coffee, they went to the market to see what if they could find something nice to buy.

The moment Mandy saw the Hermes store, she immediately walked towards it and entered. Eva was not really interested in luxury items because she could not afford them. If she barely had the ability to buy food and clothing, how would she able to afford such unnecessary riches? Essie, on the other hand, never bought luxury items mainly because she was a designer. Instead of spending her money on overpriced goods, she just made her own clothes and bags.

After Mandy went around the store, she took a fancy platinum-colored crocodile skin bag and put it in front of Essie. "This is the one, Essie," she said excitedly. "This will suit you and your style very well!"

Essie jokingly rolled her eyes. "I'm never short of those things," she said, chuckling. "You know that.copy right hot novel pub