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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 150 A Flash In The Pan (Part One)

Elizabeth sent Sage to serve Valery again. She believed that she was the most suitable person to serve her daughter.

That woman had a lot of evil ideas and was bold. More than that, her entire family was dependent on Valery's family, so she would not be easily bought off by others.

When Zac kicked her, she had to stay in the hospital for a week. So at first, she was afraid to go to Zac's house again, but when Elizabeth offered to give her a small house to live in in the future, she immediately agreed.

People died for money, and rats died for food!

She swore to help Valery kick the tramp out even if at the expense of her own life.

At that moment, Essie was having a stroll with Zac in the garden. Mary had asked them to stay for dinner. Zac wanted to turn her down since he wanted to have dinner in his own villa, out of sight and out of mind. But to his surprise, Essie agreed without hesitation.

"Honey, let's have dinner at our own home, just the two of us," Zac suggested as he took a seat on the stone bench.

Essie randomly picked another gardenia and put it under her nose. She said, "Ice guy, I've made up my mind. We're going to move back here!"

Zac was taken aback. "Why?"

"This is your family's house, and I'm the real lady, but right now I'm living outside while your mistress is living here. Does that mean that my position has been indirectly occupied by another woman?"

Zac shook his head and laughed. What a strange little head his wife had! She always thought so clearly when it involved her own interest. He stroked her head lovingly and said, "Aren't you afraid that Valery will keep bothering you all day long if we move back in?"

Essie winked and put her arm on Zac's shoulder, saying, "Ice guy, will you take my side no matter what I do?"

"Of course." Zac nodded. His tone was firm, decisive and not at all hesitant.

"What if I quarrel with your mommy?" Her finger slowly trailed down from his forehead and stopped at the edge of his lips.

He parted his lips, kept her fingertip in his mouth, and said at once, "I will take your side."

"Why? She is your biological mother." Essie raised her eyebrows slightly, thinking that he was just coaxing her.

He released her fingertip and pecked her gently on the lips. "You are a weak person, so I have to back you up."

Essie then burst into laughter, and it sounded like a string of silver bells colliding gently against each other in the wind.copy right hot novel pub