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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 146 Bribe Me

Essie made honey-baked chicken especially for Holy. She placed a chicken leg on his plate and said, "Enjoy! Be careful, it's hot."

"Thank you." Holly nodded with a smile. He blew on the drumstick and took a bite. "It's so delicious!"

"I'll roast beef ribs for you next." Essie stroked his head affectionately.

With a playful smile, Eva came up to Zac and murmured, "How soon are you getting married?"

Zac cleared his throat and said slowly, "It's just happening."

Eva grinned. "You must have developed love while living together. You two make a perfect match. Ever since I saw you together, I knew that you would make a great couple, but I did not expect your relationship to progress this fast."

A corner of his mouth quirked up. "You know my style has always involved quick fights and quick decisions."

Eva gave a thumbs up and said, "That's exactly why Hanson lost to you."

At the other end of the party, Ivy ran to Essie, who was then barbecuing for Holy, and asked, "Sister-in-law, why didn't you invite my Hanson here?"

Essie choked.

Zac cast a cold glance at Ivy.

"I really want to see Hanson here. When you hold a party next time, you must invite him, okay?" Ivy said with a hopeful expression on her face.

Essie couldn't say anything but, "Okay... Okay." She nodded perfunctorily.

Eva's eyes brightened as if she had stumbled upon a new discovery. She hurried toward them and asked, "Young miss, are you talking about Hanson Xia?"

"Yes. Eva, are you a fan of Hanson, too?" Ivy asked, her eyes blinking rapidly with excitement.

"No, I just know him very well." Eva smiled. "Are you a fan of his?"

"Hanson is the most handsome guy and the best guy in the world!" Ivy nodded eagerly.

Eva purposely raised her voice and said, "Hanson is such a gentle, elegant man. He's super sweet and warm, too. Definitely better than the playboy types or those selfish, harsh guys. People who idolize those sorts of people must be out of their minds."

Jim languidly sat on his lounge chair and took a sip of champagne. "That's something that some utility men would never understand," he said lazily.

'So what? Utility man was supposed to have their dignity,' thought Eva.

Before Eva could reply, Essie quickly fed her a piece of beef ribs. "Here, try it! It's very delicious," she said.

Eva chewed on the piece of meat in her mouth vigorously, as if imagining herself biting Jim's flesh.

Essie sighed inwardly. 'My poor friend, Eva. She finally had the chance to play heroine, but she had to go against an enemy like Jim.' It looked like she had to resort to plan B.

After the barbecue, Essie smiled and suggested, "Shall we have a fishing competition? One-on-one. We will draw lots to decide on our opponents. The loser will be punished by the winner."

The party guests enthusiastically responded, "Okay!" Everyone followed her to the lake not far from the villa.

She took out a box and let Jim draw a lot first.

A frown settled between his brows when he saw the name on that slip of paper.

"Hmmm... looks like Jim's destined to be with Eva." Essie grinned with a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

She had tampered with the contents of the box so that there was only one name in it. No matter which lot Jim would draw, the result would have been the same.

Eva went to stand before Jim and scowled. "You jerk, you're going down. You want to make a bet?"

"Sweetheart," Jim replied insultingly with a cold sneer, "there is no bet in this world that I don't win."

"All right, then.copy right hot novel pub