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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 145 Work Hard To Be The Heroine

"Who?" Essie was caught in a daze after hearing that.

"Jim," Zac said slowly.

"Is he another investor?" She took another pause again.

"The producer and the leading man," Zac replied nonchalantly.

"Oh my god!"

Essie screamed.

The last time they were all together, Eva had a bad fight with Jim because of Essie. She was sure that Jim must still be holding a grudge against Eva from that incident. Now, even if Zac had been able to persuade Jim to make Eva the heroine, Jim would probably give her a hard time. Eva was so quick tempered that they would have found something else to fight over with.

She cast a glance at the person beside her before she cleared her throat and said, "Do you think I would follow his unspoken rules?" Before she could finish her words, a cold light was shot through her. Zac had an intention to kill someone and it might be her at the wrong end of the gun.

She shrank into herself, a survival instinct. Well, this joke was getting a bit out of hand.

"Last time at the scene, Eva misunderstood that Jim was interested in me. So she jumped out to protect me and fought with Jim. Should I try to help them resolve their conflict?"

Zac turned to face her, his head in one hand and grabbed her chin in the other. "Whatever."

So that weekend, Essie held a barbecue party in Zac's mansion and invited Jim to come.

Eva didn't want to attend the party. She knew Jim would be there. Although he had a legendary status in the entertainment circle, she didn't care about him at all.

Essie held her shoulders and said, "Eva, in the entertainment circle, you are beautiful, talented and professional. What you need is a chance. Talent could only get you so far in this industry. Connections will bring you to places. Money, unspoken rules, hype. These are the things that will advance your career in the entertainment circle. You have a chance now. You don't need to take on affairs and become a mistress to someone famous and powerful. You don't need to volunteer yourself to be molested by some dirty, old man. You can be the heroine of your story as long as you show some friendliness to him. What do you have to lose, anyway?"

Eva pouted and said, "I just can't stand playboys like him. He's totally a womanizer who treats women like they're his playthings."

"He is a superstar who came from a rich family. He was born at the top of the pyramid. Of course, he's extremely arrogant. As for romantic affairs, even if he didn't want to play, a lot of women would try their best to offer themselves to him. They were willing to accept anything from him. Besides, you love playing the field, right? Don't even deny it. You broke a lot of hearts yourself. You two are equals in this regard." Essie giggled.

Eva thought over this before she reluctantly had to agree with Essie's arguments. Just then, their ride came to pick them up.

It was her first time to ride in a Rolls-Royce. She looked around and exclaimed, "Wow! Essie, you are a real celebrity. The TV station has arranged such a nice car for you."

"This isn't from the TV station. Zac sent this one." Essie didn't want to hide the thing between her and Zac from her best friend. It was better for Eva to know about this. She had a lot of things to deal with right now, so she also wanted to talk to someone.

Eva's eyes widened. "Did your roommate make a good profit from stock market speculation again?" How much money did one need to buy luxury cars?

"No, that's not it at all." Essie shook her head and continued, "He's not a hobo. He came from a rich and powerful family like Jim."

Eva almost fell down from the chair in shock. "Then why did he pretend to be a poor man and rent a house with you?"

"It's a long story. I'll tell you later. Now let's get you the heroine role." Essie patted her on the shoulder.copy right hot novel pub