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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 144 Are You Done With The Hidden Rules

This question had been bothering him all the time, making him nervous and unable to sleep or eat.

That man was too excellent. He was afraid that she would fall in love with him.

"It has nothing to do with love. He doesn't love me and I don't love him either, but..." She lowered her eyes which showed a sad shadow on her white eyelids. Some marriage didn't require feelings but benefits and use. That was their marriage. He needed a wife and an heir. Yet none of these whom he loved could be given to him, so he could only find someone to replace his lover. And she was the best substitute in his eyes.

"Forget it, Hanson. Let's talk about the end of our class reunion." This topic was too heavy and dark, so she couldn't tell him the truth. It was better to change the subject. She tried to smile at him, but before she could even start, the smile was blown away by a sweeping cold wind. So she withdrew her hand from his palm and took a sip of the coffee to calm herself down.

He scratched his head, and his eyes and brows were covered with melancholy. After a long while, he opened his mouth slowly. "Will you attend the classmate reunion?"

"Of course, I haven't seen my roommates for a long time." She finally managed to squeeze out a smile. "All three of them stay in K city to develop their business. While I went to Yang City, I heard that they got together almost every week. I'm so envious."

"You must be regretful now, right?" He sounded bitter and sad. She came to Yang City for him, but he was unable to keep her.

Raising her head again, she took a glance at him and said, "I've never regretted it." She said firmly as if she was comforting him. At that time, her heart was lonely, no matter how prosperous and beautiful the city was without him.

There was a sparkle in his dark eyes.

She still cared about him. He was still important to her.

That was enough.

When Essie came back to the mansion, the hall was still full of people.

As soon as Daisy saw her, she ran over and pulled her to the side of Ivy. "Sister-in-law, I hope that she will be a warm-hearted spectator today. Did anything happen to her?"

"What's wrong?" Hearing that, Essie was dazed for a second. Then she turned her eyes to look at Ivy. She was taking the business card that Hanson gave to her and chuckling.

"She has been acting like this since she came back. She only looked at the business card and T-shirt and was smirking all the time. I want to know whose business card it is. She is as precious as a nurse. I don't even bother to look at her. Is she suffering from temporary insanity?" Daisy was worried.

Taking a deep breath, she thought, 'people who have a body of pursuing stars are really crazy. They can't stop taking medicine!'!

She half covered her mouth and whispered in Daisy's ear, "she saw Hanson today, got his signature and business card."

"No wonder." "I heard that a fan has shaken hands with Jim before. And she hasn't washed her hands for three months. I still feel unbelievable. I didn't expect that Ivy is such an anthomaniac," she continued.

"Cherish your life and stay away from the star chasing fan." Essie said and patted on her shoulder.copy right hot novel pub