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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 143 We Can't Be Lovers

As long as Essie was recognized by the head of the family, she would officially become Mrs. Essie.

It was obvious that the two elders favored Zac very much. As long as he talked to them, they wouldn't get in Zac's way.

At this rate, it seemed impossible for Valery to win back her position the clean way.

Essie was also very surprised at the turn of events, not knowing whether she should be happy or worried.

It was good to get recognition. But right after the wedding, it would be not easy to get away, right? If icy guy really wanted to keep her his wife, then she would be trapped with him for the rest of her life. She could imagine it now. Her husband would go out and have fun while she wasted away at the bar. She would become a living cliché of a poor rich wife.

'Oh, my God! How did my life get to this point?!'

She turned her head to look at Zac. He was smiling happily, as if he was a hunter who caught his prey. Something cold slithered on her back. Fear? Trepidation? It seemed her gut feel was right.

Right then, a pair of big hands covered her shoulders. In a gentle voice, he said, "Honey, call Daddy and Mommy."

She came back to her senses and looked at Albert and Mary. "Daddy, Mommy," she called out.

"Good girl," Albert said with a kind smile.

Reluctantly, Mary slid a happy expression on her face. With a fake smile, she continued, "We are a family now. Let's eat."

The servant began to serve the dishes.

Marci smiled and said, "The wedding will be held very soon. Father and mother will be very happy if they learned about it."

"Yes, I'm sure they'll be thrilled to know that they'll also get a great grandson in a few months. Double celebration!" Zac's aunt Sally replied.

Albert coughed to cover his awkwardness. Upon hearing that, Zac's aunt realized that she had said the wrong thing. She tried to recover the situation by saying, "I mean, we shouldn't let them take too much time, so that the grandparents can have a great grandson as soon as possible."

Taking a sip of soup, Daisy smiled and said, "When will our eldest cousin come back? Zac is now married. He has to hurry up and look for a wife."

Mary smiled, "Walt called us yesterday. There was a sound proposal on the works. He'll be back after signing the contract." In comparison with her rebellious and unyielding son, her eldest son was more obedient and considerate. He was the son who gave her the most comfort and least headache. But unfortunately...

As she was thinking about it, she heard Ivy, who was sitting at the end of the table, sigh softly. "Walt is still looking for his little sun. If he succeeds in finding the girl and knowing that she was already married by then, won't he get sad?"

"What little sun?" Daisy asked curiously.

"Oh, my God!" Ivy slapped her hands over her mouth. "It's his secret. I can't tell others," she said behind her hands.

"How did you know about it?" Daisy replied with a knowing smile.

"By accident." Ivy stuck her tongue out.

A trace of hesitation flashed in Zac's eyes. He wasn't expecting his brother to have someone special in his life. It seemed like something he should have been sharing to his brother.

"What kind of girl is she?" he asked casually.

"I don't know. They seemed to meet each other while travelling around the world," Ivy said proudly.

"Travel around the world? My first plan after retirement is to travel around the world," Essie spoke.

Zac wrapped his arm around her shoulder with a smile. "We don't have to do it until we retire. We can travel on our honeymoon.copy right hot novel pub