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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 139 Tell The Truth Completely

Baron's eyes lit up as he fixed them on Essie.

"You are..."

"This is sister Essie, brother Zac's girlfriend," Holy quickly introduced before Zac could, putting heavy emphasis on the word 'girlfriend'.

Baron was taken aback by the revelation. His eyes darkened.

The wrinkles on Vicki's forehead deepened as she frowned at the scene before her. Wasn't he supposed to marry Valery? Why did he involve himself in this matter?

"Daddy, Grandma, I'm going to blow out the candles now," Holy cut in.

Baron quickly hid his displeasure and put on a warm expression as they sang a birthday song with the children.

Even with the merry atmosphere, Vicki's mood did not improve.

After chopping the cake, she asked Holy to take her friends to the yard to play. She had things to clear with Zac.

As the kids filed out, Alice remained still. Vicki rolled her eyes at her. "Get out of here, Alice. You don't need to be concerned about this."

Without saying a word, Alice heeded Vicki's request and left. It was better to humor the old lady rather than stay. She had things she would need from her, after all.

Unlike Alice, Essie didn't need to bow down to Vicki. She wasn't a part of the family anymore. She didn't need to endure the old lady's attitude. And with the way Vicki treated Alice, Essie thought it was just right for her to stand up against her. It made her mad thinking how they all had to break their backs bowing down to the old lady's whims without any care about them.

There were only four people left in the room, all sitting on the sofa face to face. Essie made a move to touch Zac's arm. As she did, the purple diamond was out for everyone to see.

Light bounced off the precious stone, dazzling everyone in its luminance. If the diamond's brilliance could kill, Essie would have been done with her revenge by now.

"Zac, did you have a fight with Valery?" asked the old lady.

She tried to keep her voice neutral and calm. She needed to uncover the truth first.

Zac clasped Essie's hands in his own. "Since you already know, I won't beat around the bush anymore. I won't marry Valery."

Mrs. Vicki started to tremble at this. Almost jumping up from the sofa, she said, "What are you talking about? Valery's carrying your child now. Are you leaving her?"

"I don't love her. I'll never be happy if I forced myself to stay with her," he replied in calm voice. He had to keep his cool despite the warring emotions inside him. She was, after all, his elder.

Beside him, Baron remained quiet with a sullen face.

Essie sneered at him. He always gave way to Mrs. Vicki's whims. After so many years, he remained obedient and meek towards her.

At Zac's reply, Mrs. Vicki felt herself grow angrier and frustrated. However, she couldn't show how displeased she was at the turn of events, not if she wanted her granddaughter to have any chance at winning Zac.

"If you don't love her, why did you sleep with her and leave her pregnant?"

The accusation bothered Zac more than it should. He wanted to lash out at her but he couldn't do anything. It was his fault. He hated himself for it but he couldn't tell her the truth.

He was only sure of one thing: he was keeping the baby. For his sake, he had to break his tolerance over and over again. After the baby was born, Zac would finally have his closure.

Silence engulfed the room, to which Essie thought it was time for her to attack.

"Mrs. Vicki, I believe it takes two to tango. Why don't you ask your granddaughter how she conceived her baby? Only a stupid man would marry a woman who had deceived and manipulated him. Your granddaughter wants to trap him into marriage.copy right hot novel pub