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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 132 She Cannot Escape

"Yes." She spat out the word as if she was mad at him, but it sounded weak even to her ears. Didn't he have another woman in his heart?

A flash of jealousy flickered in his eyes, but bitterness was the emotion that ruled in his heart. Her heart seemed to be closed off to him; no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get in.

"I can wait!" he said in a clear, forceful voice, and he meant every word. Once she became his woman, she would be his only woman for the rest of their lives.

She looked at him blankly, stunned and not understanding his meaning. "Wait? Wait for what exactly?"

"Wait for you to forget him." To Essie, his eyes remained in shadow. What she didn't know was that Zac was staring at her like she was his whole world.

"Why should I forget him?" she asked sarcastically, her face twisted in a sneer. What she really wanted to ask was: "Can you forget Leila?" In the past, Hanson gave her up to get Bella. Zac gave up Leila for the sake of his family. To a certain extent, the two men were similar.

"Because I will make you forget him," Zac said with a serious expression on his face and a return of his usual autocratic tone.

She couldn't understand his expression and his heart. Maybe it was his fierce possessiveness that's bothering him again. For as long as she was his wife, he would always think of her as his private property. He could never allow anyone to touch or steal what was his.

"Let me see you try," she mocked, but the knife in her heart dug deeper.

On the other side of the mountain, Daisy was standing on a big rock outcrop to take photos of the mountain in the sunset.

William stood next to her and reminded her every once in a whole to be careful.

After she got her shots, she vaulted down from the stone and excitedly looked at the pictures she had taken in high spirits. "Every sunset is different, and so is every sunset in this mountain. I want to try my best to preserve this beautiful scene." Her beautiful little face was shining in the setting sun: clean, innocent, and bright.

William looked at her quietly. In a trance, her shadow overlapped with another, both of them gentle and beautiful. However, she had betrayed him one day and slept with another man. It struck him like a bolt of lightning. If it weren't for Zac's advice, he didn't know how long he would have wallowed in depression.

"William!" Daisy's voice broke William's reverie. "That's a very beautiful and professional-looking shot," he praised.

Daisy smiled up at him, her smile particularly brilliant at dusk.

Beside the bonfire, Ivy was eagerly eyeing a bowl of beef stew. She was so hungry.

The maid placed the noodles in the boiling stew. After a short while, the stew was ready to be served.

Zac knew that Essie really liked to eat meat, so he kept picking up big chunks of beef and placing them into her bowl.

With a wave of her hand, Essie said dismissively, "No, thanks; you can have them."

"You are too thin. You should eat more meat." His tender, affectionate gaze made her heart ripple like a breeze. Admittedly, due to his thoughtfulness, Essie sometimes found herself fantasizing about something that she shouldn't think about and unconsciously wanting to depend on him. The sugar-coated bullets were like opium: you knew that they were eroding your spirit and soul, but you could not refuse once you became addicted.

"Zac, you don't have to be so nice to me." She wouldn't leave as long as he needed her to deal with Valery.

Zac's eyes darkened to a shade of twilight. "Is it so wrong to treat you well?" His words were slow and frigid like a cold wind.

"I didn't mean that." She looked down. She didn't want him to try so hard.

"Then what did you mean?" he asked. It seemed like he was not going to let her go so easily.copy right hot novel pub