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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 118 Don't Flatter Yourself (Part Two)

'Is Valery that well-prepared to get into the family?' Essie sneered in her mind. It seemed like Valery could do anything without scruple as long as she had her mother-in-law's support.

Should Essie try her best to please the rich mother-in-law as well? But given the present situation, even if she did whatever she could to please Mary, Essie would not be able to change her mind.

Elizabeth was her best friend, and she saw Valery as her own daughter. More than that, Valery also had Mary's grandson in her belly. How could an outsider like Essie stand a chance?

It was much more realistic for her to suck up to her father-in-law because he didn't seem to like Elizabeth and her daughter very much.

Zac didn't say a word. If his mother insisted on doing things that would push him away, he would leave with Essie.

In the afternoon, before Elizabeth left, she sent Sage, one of her family's servants, to take care of Valery and help her deal with Essie.

Sage had been serving Valery's family for 15 years, so Essie had a deep impression of her.

Lucy, Essie's mother, was always very good to her. In fact, when Sage's husband was in a lot of debt, Lucy paid for all of it for her. However, she betrayed Lucy and helped Elizabeth set her up.

As soon as Sage entered the house, she immediately cast a stern glance at Essie and said, "Miss Valery, don't worry. I will protect you. I'll fight anyone who dares to bully you." Essie sneered in her mind, 'What a loyal servant!'

Essie didn't even bother to look at her. She didn't want to contaminate her eyes.

She put her hand around Zac's arm and said, "Let's take a walk by the lake."

"Okay." Zac nodded with a smile and walked out with her.

Staring at their backs, Valery clenched her teeth and said, "Sage, let's go together."

The lake was as green as its name suggested, and the green lotuses scattered in the middle of it, looked like small boats swaying along with the water.

When Zac realized that Valery was following them, he intentionally grabbed Essie's hand and broke into a run. After a while, Valery could no longer find a single trace of the two.

Essie lay down on the grass and sighed heavily. "I'm so lucky I don't love you. It would be tiring to love you.copy right hot novel pub