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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 796 Who Better In Acting

Every day, Abel and Alena would video chat with their great grandchildren.

Today, Dot was very depressed. "Great Grandpa, great grandma, come back quickly. My sister was almost killed by grandma." He passed on the evidence he had taken.

"Grandma urged daddy to divorce Mommy again. My sister argued with grandma, and grandma beat her. My sister was frightened and kept crying. She didn't dare to go back to the Rong Mansion anymore. Grandma doesn't like mommy, sister and Dot, and also doesn't like Dawny. If we stay in the Rong Mansion, she will definitely beat us to death."

Alena and Abel felt their hearts ache. Their great grandchildren was the apple of their eyes. Even if they were so naughty that they wanted to blow up the mountain and fill the sea, no one was allowed to hurt them.

After the video chat, Mili came out with a secret smile on her face. This time, she must embarrass the bad grandma and see if she dares to bully mommy and her!

That night, Essie and Zac didn't sleep well last night, because Mili kept screaming in nightmares. Except for her accomplice, Dot, no one knew that she was actually just acting.

The harder she worked and the worse her performance was, the higher her Mommy's fighting spirit would be.

She knew her mother well. As the hostess of the Rong family, she had a lot of scruples and restrictions.

She had to consider the overall situation, be reasonable, and respect the elders. Even if she was an evil mother-in-law, she had to show magnanimity and politeness. If she was not really injured, Mommy would definitely choose to swallow the resentment and digest it by herself.

She didn't allow her to do so, so she had to act. She had to pretend to be a child who was not physically injured, but whose heart was greatly hurt. In this way, she could not swallow the resentment and would vent it.

When she was angry, daddy couldn't help her grandma, or he would have to work out to kill the long night.

"Baby, Mommy is here. Don't be afraid. It's all right." Feeling sorry for her, Essie held her in her arms and patted her on the back. It was the first time that her daughter had been scared like this.

"Mommy, bad grandma wants to kill me. She wants to kill me. She is going to beat Mili to death. She will beat Mili to death. " She curled up in the arms of Essie, sobbing and trembling.

Zac stroked her head to comfort her, "Honey, it was just an accident yesterday. How could grandma kill you?"

"If you don't block it for me, I would have been killed by her. Only in front of the person she hate can she be so ruthless. She hates grandma Lucy, mommy and us. She wants us to die. She is a vicious old witch." Mili sobbed.

Zac moved his lips. He wanted to say something, but he didn't say anything. Indeed, Mary didn't show any affection for the children. They were all smart and sensitive children, how could they not see it?

"Go to sleep, baby. Mommy is holding you." Tears welled up in Essie's eyes. She felt sorry for her child and was tired of such endless conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. This was how people were. They would never return if they didn't hit the dead end. If she had chosen to live alone, she might not have these troubles.

"Mommy, I don't want to go back to the Rong Mansion. I'm afraid of grandma. I'll celebrate the Spring Festival here this year," Mili mumbled in her arms.

"Okay, we won't go back. We'll stay here with grandpa Bo and grandma Lucy," Essie murmured.copy right hot novel pub