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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 792 Leave Here

Hearing her scream, Jim jumped up.

"Heaven pepper? What's wrong with you?" he shouted as he knocked on the door.

Avis also ran out of her room and asked, "Miss Fang, are you okay?"

As if seeing a savior, Eva opened the door and ran to hide behind Jim. Her body was trembling. "Scum Jim, she's here again. She must be here. She's here for you!"

"Who?" he asked in a hurry. Then he looked around her room vigilantly.

"Ghost!" Eva said in a trembling voice, her eyes tightly closed and she didn't dare to open them.

Avis choked and coughed, "Ghost? Where is it?"

Jim's eyes fell on the phone that she had thrown away. She asked Avis to get her a glass of water, and then walked over to pick up the phone.

"Another portrait?"

"No, it is the bleeding eyes of..." She stopped and didn't utter three word, Janice.

Avis handed her the water. She took a sip and calmed down a little.

Jim didn't ignore what she had said before, "What do you mean by saying that she is here for me?"

Eva lowered her head, wondering if she should tell the truth to Jim. After all, Janice was here for him. He must have been too masculine to get close, so Janice had to harass her.

While she was silent, Jim checked her phone and didn't find any scary pictures. "Heaven pepper, it's probably your illusion because you drank too much last night."

Eva asked Avis to go out first. She needed to have a private talk with Jim.

"Scum Jim, I lied to you before. That ghost is not my classmate's girlfriend, but... your girlfriend," she said in a very low voice and looked around in horror.

Jim's eyes widened in shock. "Who did you see?"

"Janice," Eva said weakly. Before she could finish her words, she was denied by Jim coldly, "That's impossible!"

"I knew you wouldn't believe me, so I didn't tell you." Eva pouted.

Walking to the window and looking at the dark sea outside, he said in a low and sad voice, "Janice is dead."

"I know. I saw her ghost. She came back for you. On that day, at the party, she had been looking at you, sad and dejected. And under the hotel, she is also looking in the direction of your room. Maybe she is going to be reincarnated, but she still loves you and wants to see you for the last time," Eva said seriously.

Turning around, he glared at her and said, "You must have watched too many horror movies, right? If she really comes back, why can't I see her? "

"Your masculine aura is too strong. She can't get close to you," Eva explained seriously.

With a big stride, Jim dart forward and tweaked her ear and said, "Heaven pepper, you're in the wrong line. You should be a Godstick."

"Scum Jim, I'm serious with you. Maybe she is here now. She must have misunderstood our relationship like Janet, so she always frightens me. You'd better explain to her quickly and let her rest assured." Eva grabbed the sleeve of his pajama with two fingers and pulled it.

"Janice won't do such a boring thing. She is very kind. She doesn't even want to trample an ant to death." He frowned.

"Anyway, please explain to her and tell her not to frighten me all of a sudden. I am afraid of ghosts the most." Eva put her palms together to make a gesture of prayer.

Jim was speechless. He was not so bored as to talk to himself in the air.copy right hot novel pub