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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 789 Like The Meat On The Chopping Block

"So you still don't believe that I saw a ghost." Eva pursed her lips and showed a trace of dissatisfaction.

"I'm just helping you with a scientific analysis. If there is really a ghost in this world that was proved by science, then I can believe that what you see is a ghost." Jim said seriously.

"There are many things that can't be proved by science, just like aliens. But aliens are absolutely existences. There are countless planets in the boundless universe. It's impossible that only the earth has intelligent life," Eva quibbled.

Jim slightly leaned over and put one of his hands on the back of the chair. "Heaven pepper, I'll teach you a way. That is to keep your phone in the photo mode these days. When you see that thing again, you quickly took pictures of it. It is said that the camera can capture ghost shadows. If there are shadows in the photos, congratulations. You have made a great contribution to the psychic science. If the images are normal, you can go to see a psychologist."

Eva pursed her lips. This was a good idea. She had also heard that cameras could capture ghosts, so she might as well have a try.

She turned on the camera in her iPhone and looked around the deck from the camera. There was nothing unusual. Jim was full of masculinity. Perhaps she didn't dare to follow him, so she could only play tricks on her phone from time to time.

In the Rong Mansion, as soon as Essie went downstairs, she received a call from director Liu, asking her if she should deal with the stuff of the maid Peri? She thought for a while and went to the security department.

Since the secret passage incident hadn't been fully investigated, Peri's belongings were still kept in the security department as evidence.

"Check it again. If there is nothing particularly important, burn them all," she ordered.

"I have asked them to check it again yesterday. There is nothing useful except for a photo in one of her books," said director Liu.

"What photo?" Essie asked in a hurry.

Director Liu opened the drawer and took out the photo. "This should be the photo of Peri and her boyfriend."

Taking a look at the man inside, Essie found that he was holding Peri in his arms intimately. The man looked familiar. She seemed to have seen him somewhere, but she couldn't remember him for a moment.

"Give me the photos. You can deal with the rest by yourselves." Then she went out.

She had planned to design in the studio, but she was stopped by Zac halfway. "Honey, it seems that we haven't had our private lovers' world for a long time. Today we are going out for weekend."

Private space for lovers? They were still in a cold war. What kind of private space of lovers were they going to have? Essie rolled her eyes at him and said, "Don't make trouble. I have a lot of things to do." Then she walked to the hall. Without saying anything, Zac picked her up and walked outside.

The order of the great ogre king was an imperial edict. How could she disobey it?

Essie's face turned pale. She could only resist in a roundabout way. "I have to prepare something."

"You don't need to bring anything," Zac said in a straightforward way.

"What about the kids?"

"Don't you understand the meaning of the private world of two people?" Zac snorted. The cold war had lasted for too long. It was time to end.

Being put into the car, Essie was helpless, but how could a little lamb fight against the big devil?

They drove all the way to the hot spring resort of the Rong family. It was the most comfortable enjoyment to soak in hot spring in the cold winter.

However, Essie didn't want to go to the hot spring with the devil at all. She wanted to go through the cold war to the end.

There was a huge hot spring swimming pool in the hot spring resort. It was the favorite place for the Rong family to swim in winter.copy right hot novel pub