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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 785 Being Beaten Up

Because she was wearing a mask and sunglasses, the other woman couldn't see her face, but she could see the woman's face clearly. She was one of the candidates.

"Are you also here for the beauty contest?" the woman asked.

"How did you know that?" Eva asked.

"You look like." The woman said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, "This is a VIP private elevator, straight to the presidential suite. I heard that King Jim checked in this afternoon. Do you want to bribe him?"

"How can a man like King Jim, who is neither lack of money nor women, be bribed?" Eva sneered.

The woman was shocked, and a strange expression appeared on her face. "To tell you the truth, the champion of this year has already been previously fixed. You are just here to have a walk. Don't waste your time."

"Who has been previously fixed?" Eva asked.

"Of course it is the one with the most powerful background," the woman said with a smile.

Eva glanced at her. If it was someone else, she would definitely not laugh so arrogantly.

"You must be No. four competitor Charlene. I remember you. Let's see how many rounds you can make." Then she opened the elevator and walked in.

The woman's eyes widened. "You... Are you also the designated one?"

"I hate 'previous fixed' the most!" Eva pointed the middle finger at her when the elevator door almost closed. She remembered that when she was in the fourth year of her college, she had participated in a performance competition held by a film and television company. The top three were all previous fixed. She didn't want to receive the hidden rules from the judges. As a result, she was eliminated in the fifth round and didn't even enter the final.

The elevator went straight to the VIP floor. After taking a bath, Jim changed into a set of casual clothes, looking somewhat lazy and refreshing.

Eva sighed in her heart, 'What a standard figure! He looks good no matter what he wears.'

This time, he didn't drive by himself, but by a familiar driver.

When they arrived at the most famous Centennial restaurant in the city, the two of them were led by bodyguards and quickly went to the VIP private room.

"Scum Jim, the champion of this beauty contest is decided?" Eva took a sip of beer and asked casually.

Jim frowned slightly, "How did you know that since I did not even know it?"

Instead of answering directly, Eva asked, "When I entered the elevator, I happened to meet the No. four competitor, Charlene Chen. What's her background?"

"No matter how big the background is, it's transparent in front of me." Jim smiled arrogantly.

For this point, Eva could not refute. He was the crown prince of the entertainment circle, and what he said was completely true.

"The entertainment circle is very complicated. How many competitions that rely on real talents and practical knowledge? Aren't they all previously fixed?" Eva sneered. As a queen who had been suppressed and took a hundred times of small roles, she knew it best.

"It also requires the competitor to have a high level of profession in the field. Not everyone can be fixed," Jim said slowly.

"Anyway, I will make a fair selection and won't be affected by anyone." Eva said firmly, "I hate hidden rules the most."

"You are not the one who can survive in the entertainment industry." There was a trace of mockery on Jim's face.

"But I fought back, because I have a good friend like Essie and a good boss like Zac." With a triumphant smile, Eva said, "You don't know how many investors and the boss of my former agency were pissed off after I became famous. They all swore to suppress me until death and never let me have a chance to turn over in my life."

"You are their nightmare. One of the sponsor of this activity was once over beaten by you.copy right hot novel pub