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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 783 'Baby Brain' For Pregnancy

On the third day, Jim called her in the afternoon. She jumped into the Ferrari at an incredible speed and rushed to the villa on the hill.

Pushing the door open, Janet and Jade sat on the sofa. Janet's hands and feet were handcuffed to prevent her from escaping.

Eva rushed in and slapped Jade without saying anything!

"I'll sign up for joining the army for you tomorrow. I'll see how you can make trouble again!"

"Sister, you are so cold-blooded that you want to separate me and Janny. Let me tell you, I will be with Janny even if I die. I won't leave Janny. No one can separate us!" Jade stared at her with righteous indignation.

Eva was infuriated. She walked up to Janet and was about to teach the culprit a lesson. Jade rushed over and protected her, "Sister, don't beat her. She is pregnant!"

"What?" Eva's hand froze in midair because of extreme astonishment.

Jim was also shocked.

"What did you say?" the two asked almost at the same time.

"Janny has been pregnant for two weeks," Jade repeated each word clearly and forcefully.

Eva touched her forehead and almost fainted, "How can you be with her..."

"Isn't it normal for men and women in love to do that?" Jade said indifferently.

Eva really wanted to punch him on the head to see if he was thinking by his head or by his lower part of the body.

Jim called Eve over and whispered in her ear. Eve nodded and walked out. After a while, she came back with several pregnancy test papers of different brands in her hands.

"Take her to have a test," he ordered.

Eve nodded slightly and led Janet into the bathroom. Ten minutes later, she came out with Janet, with a pregnancy test paper in her hand.

"Boss, all of them are positive."

"She is really pregnant!" Touching his chin, Jim murmured to himself. His voice was very low, but Janet heard it clearly.

"Jim, is it possible to fake a pregnancy? It's my first time. I didn't know that I would get pregnant by doing that, so I didn't take any contraceptive measures. " She paused and continued, "I admit that at the beginning, I wanted to stop Eva from contacting you through Jade. But when I was with Jade, I felt happy. I had never been taken care of and cared about by anyone, so I changed my mind. Now I just want to be with Jade. I'm a woman. Can't I have a normal life, a marriage and a family just because I'm special? "

Jim kept silent and stared at Janet, deep and sharp.

Eva had an impulse to cry. If it weren't for Jade, she, Janet, would pursue her own happiness no matter how she wanted. It had nothing to do with her. But Jade was different. She couldn't watch her brother being destroyed by her!

"Janet, there is a gene defect in your family. If you give birth to a child, the baby will have either physical or mental problem. You are not suitable to give birth to a baby at all."

"Our baby will be fine," Janet retorted.

Jade hugged her and said, "Sister, Janet has no mental problem. She just has astral vision. You don't believe it, but that doesn't mean there is no such a person in the world."

"Jade, let me tell you. Her father and sister both suffered from an extremely rare inherited disease and died young! Do you want your child to be born with illness and suffer from it from childhood to adulthood? " Eva said earnestly.

"Sister, it's just a matter of probability.copy right hot novel pub