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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 782 Build A Prison

Mary's eyes widened.

Didn't Rabi say that she didn't have a watch? Why...

Lucy hurriedly pulled down her sleeves, as if she was afraid that she would see her, and then walked into the skin care room.

Jealousy and resentment rose from Mary's face. It turned out that Albert had really given her the watch. Last time she must not have worn it, so Rabi did not notice it.

For so many years, Albert still couldn't forget this tramp. He still loved her, and treated her daughter very well, making her the hostess of the Rong family.

'Her daughter might have been the matchmaker between her and Albert to revenge on me and kick me out of the Rong family.'

Mary was not in the mood to do skin care anymore and went directly to the Emperor group. She wanted to complain to her son and let him see the true face of Essie and her mother.

"Do you know who your father gave the watch to?" Mary said angrily.

"Who?" Zac frowned. To be honest, he really didn't like his mother's stubborn character. Sometimes, the smartest woman was the one who would play dumb some times.

"Luce," Mary said through gritted teeth.

Zac was shocked. A watch triggered a series of suspicions, and his mother-in-law was involved again.

"Mommy, don't make blind and disorderly conjectures all day long. It used to be very simple, but now it is getting more and more complicated."

"I'm going to do skin care today, and Luce is also there. I saw with my own eyes that she had the same watch on her wrist," Mary said.

"It's normal. Essie must have bought a few pieces from Irene's friend. Maybe Alice and Eva also have one," Zac said casually.

"I don't think it's that simple. What Luce wears must be true. In order not to let me know, Essie deliberately made a few fake pieces to confuse the public," Mary analyzed seriously.

"Mommy, can't this end here? What can you do even if you find out the whereabouts of that watch? What did you get when you managed to kick Luce out of Dragon City? Instead of loving you more, Dad took Minny home. After so many years, you still haven't got daddy's heart. Shouldn't you find fault with yourself?" Zac said in a low voice.

"What's wrong with me?" A muscle on Mary's face twitched violently.

"Daddy likes the innocent, kind, tolerant and generous you before the car accident. As long as you can find yourself back, your marriage will be really saved," Zac said in a serious tone.

Mary's limbs were getting cold in his tone. She picked up the warm tea on the table and took several sips, but it didn't let herself warm back.

It was not her fault. She told herself affirmatively that it was Luce and Essie who were wrong. They shouldn't have appeared in her world at all.

On the shooting site of 'Run, Sister', Eva received a call from psychiatric hospital. Janet escaped from the ward last night.

What the hell! Eva cursed from her throat. When she locked her in, she had specially reminded the mental hospital that she was very skillful and needed to be guarded. She did not expect her to escape again.

At this moment, the first person she thought of was Jade. Maybe Janet would go to him.

She immediately asked for leave from the crew and rushed back to her apartment.

Percy was in the shop. Eva went to the school and asked for a month's leave for Jade. During the day, Percy locked Jade at home and went back to cook for him.

When Eva arrived at the apartment, she found that the door was open and there was a trace of being pried open.copy right hot novel pub