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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 779 Are We Destined

Eva fainted. Two minutes! Obviously, he didn't give her time to think about it.

'Well, who is King Jim? He is the Nine Heavenly Mysterious Gods in the entertainment circle.' Only someone knelt at his feet and begged him for a small role. How could she think over since he take the initiative to invite her?

Judging from the gloomy look on his face, she knew that his arrogant divine dignity had been challenged by her. He was very unhappy, and the consequences were very serious.

Seeing that the time had entered the countdown, she sighed helplessly. "Well, I'll take over the role. It's not difficult to play me." After all, she still owed him. If she irritated him and let her eat white bread or drink water to fill her hunger, it would be terrible.

Jim put down his arm and looked at her with a mischievous look. This heaven pepper was smart enough this time. If he dared to refuse her, he would let her eat air every day!

After drinking a piece of duck blood, Eva asked, "Scum Jim, aren't private detectives very smart? If she is stupid, how to solve the case?"

"It's a Scriptwriter's business. It has nothing to do with you," Jim replied indifferently.

"I thought you were the scriptwriter," Eva whispered in a low voice. Jim was an omnipotent man who liked to make up and act by himself.

"I don't have time to write the script," Jim said casually. He was busy now, and what he liked to do most was to tease this heaven pepper.

It never occurred to Eva that she would become his 'toy'. She said 'Okay' in a low voice. Anyway, as long as he could pass the script, it would be perfect. She didn't need to worry at all. The only question was...

"Do I need to play ugly? Bald or bucktoothed? Or anything else?"

"Do you still need to play ugly?" Jim sneered.

Eva wrinkled her nose. How could she be so ugly? Her eyes were big, her nose was high, and her lips were plump and sexy. She was very beautiful, but he was too picky. His eyes were above his head.

"Scum Jim, it's not that I'm ugly, it's you who are looking at me with a pair of colorful glasses. You only have Janice in your eyes. You will regard her as a reference unconsciously. Compared with me, of course you will think I'm not beautiful. My Vinton is different. In his eyes, I am the most beautiful person. "

A cold light flashed through Jim's brown eyes. "It's time for you to eat more banana and control the dopamine."

"Why? I'm not crazy about love. I'm awake! " Eva pouted.

"Well, I can't see it." Hearing her mention of Vinton, Jim suddenly became unhappy.

"I will love Vinton rationally." Raising her eyebrows slightly, Eva looked like a happy woman in love.

Jim was in an extremely bad mood. His saliva was bitter. "Do you know how to keep a low profile?" he said with uncontrollable anger.

"I keep a low profile. I've never shown off my love with Vinton in front of the media," Eva said while boiling vegetables.

But she often showed off in front of him intentionally or unintentionally, which was really annoying and hateful! Jim gritted his teeth and a trace of cruelty flitted across his eyes.

Eva didn't notice the change of his expression at all. She said to himself, "I have discussed with Vinton that we are going to have a honeymoon around the world.copy right hot novel pub