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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 777 Negotiation With The Psycho

"Jade, she is a congenital psycho. When she was six years old, she burned other house. When she was eight, she disfigured his sister's teacher. When she was ten, she pushed a pregnant woman down the elevator, causing her to have a miscarriage on the spot. Now she fantasized that I had something to do with Jim and kept harassing me. She seduced you just to get back at me," Eva said angrily.

"Yes, Jade. She is seriously ill and has a terrible tendency of violence. It's difficult to control

by the medicine. You'd better leave her as far as possible," Essie said.

Hearing this, Jade's scalp tingled and he couldn't help but take a step aside. Janet didn't ignore his small action and burst into tears.

"Jade, do I have mental disease? We have been together for so long. Can't you see it at all? What they said has nothing to do with me. The police have investigated it clearly. I'm different from others since I was a child, so I'm considered to be insane. " Janet sobbed, looking pitiful with a pure and beautiful face.

Janet's innocent face was the best disguise for her. It was really difficult to connect her with a mental disease patient with severe propensity for violence.

Jade slowly raised his hand and held her shoulder, "Janny, don't cry. Don't cry."

Janet looked up at her with tearful eyes, "Jade, I like you very much, so I decide to tell you all my secrets."

Essie and Eva looked at each other, waiting to see how this psycho was going to make up.

Janet looked at them and said slowly, "I was born in the lunar year, lunar month, lunar day and lunar hour. I have astral vision and can see things that ordinary people can't see, that is, ghosts."

"Ghost? Can you see a ghost?" Jade asked in disbelief.

Eva laughed, "Janet, you are really seriously ill. You can even imagine such a thing. My brother is not a fool. He won't believe the nonsense made up by an illusory psycho!"

"Janet, this kind of thing will only appear in horror movies. There is no ghost in reality, let alone astral vision," Essie said.

Janet ignored them. She turned to the corner and pointed at it with her finger. "There is a man standing there. He is wearing the cook's clothes and his skin is festering all over. He is very frightening."

Jade turned around and felt his scalp tingling as if he was watching a horror movie.

Eva poured a glass of juice. She knew it would be a tough job to argue with the psycho. She wanted to moisten her throat first.

"Janet, do you want to know his surname, name and how he died?"

"Okay, let me ask." Janet's eyes flashed a strange look, and she slowly walked to the corner. "Uncle, what's your name? How did you die?" she said to the air.

There was a short moment of dead silence in the room.

Janet kept nodding seriously as if she was listening. Then she came back and said slowly, "He said his name was Levi Wang, and he was the assistant cook of this restaurant when he was alive. Once when he was cooking, he accidentally knocked over the thick soup and burned his whole body. Because of his serious injury, he died in the hospital."

With a sneer, Essie called the lobby manager in. "Manager Liu, is there an assistant cook called Levi Wang in your shop who died of scalding?"

"No, there has never been such a person in our shop, and there has never been an accident." The lobby manager shook his head in a hurry. Before he finished his words, Janet said, "He has been dead for ten years. He stayed in this restaurant and refused to be reincarnated because his wish has not been fulfilled. You haven't been here for ten years.copy right hot novel pub