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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 775 Find The Mistress

"A few days ago, I heard that your mother's watch was broken. I just won the bid for a watch at a charity auction last time. Your aunt has several watches, so it's useless to keep this one. Why don't you give it to your mother?" Albert said as he took out his watch.

Irene took it over and looked at it with her eyes wide open. This watch was simply too gorgeous and flaunting. "Uncle, this watch must be very expensive, right?"

"It will be useless if it set aside free," Albert said indifferently.

Irene smiled and said, "Then I'll thank uncle on behalf of mom."

Taking a sip of his coffee, a deep light flashed through Albert's eyes. "Don't tell your mother that I gave it to her. I'm afraid that she will be angry and insist on giving me money."

"Okay, I'll tell her that I bought it." Irene nodded without thinking too much. Her mother was indeed a conservative person and didn't like to accept other people's kindness.

"What has your mother been doing recently? She hasn't been here for a long time. Both Mili and Dot miss her very much." Silence reigned. It seemed that Albert just asked casually.

"In addition to managing the business of the Chateau here, what she does most is to raise flowers, or go to Phoenix Road to have tea and chat with aunt Lucy," Irene said with a smile.

"Two days later, the elders will come back from Switzerland. Remember to come over with

your mommy and have dinner with us," Albert said.

"Well, even if mom doesn't go there, I will go there often." Irene smiled. She still had to pursue Zac.

On the second day, when Essie came to see the baby in Phoenix Road, Mrs. Rose was also there, playing with the baby. After the elders came back, she was going to take her baby back to the Rong Mansion. The two elders were looking forward to seeing their little grandson as soon as possible.

"I brought some desserts from Mrs. Qi's shop. Let's eat while it's still hot," Essie said, putting the dessert on the table.

"Yesterday, I went to your mommy Qi's house and sent them some Spring Festival Goods," Lucy said with a smile.

"After the new year, your mommy Qi will go abroad. You should meet more often while she is still at home," Essie said, picking up a crystal dumpling for Mrs. Rose.

When Mrs. Rose was eating dumplings, the watch on her wrist was exposed from her sleeve. Essie saw it at a glance and said, "Wow, auntie, your watch is so beautiful. Is it a new one?"

"Irene bought it for me." Mrs. Rose smiled, "It seems very expensive. I'm worried that she will spend too much money, but she said that she asked her friend to buy it for her and there is a discount. I'm relieved that there is a discount."

"This child is very filial to you," Lucy said with a smile.

Mrs. Rose nodded. "Although she has known that she is not my biological daughter, her attitude towards me has not changed, which makes me very gratified."

After eating a Fried Bun, Essie wiped her hands and said, "Auntie, can I have a look?" As a fashion designer, she was professionally interested in any unique fashion items.

Mrs. Rose carefully took off the watch and handed it to her.

She took it and looked at it carefully. She was shocked.

This watch was obviously a rare and special customized version. Patek Philippe's customized watch was either ordered by customers in the company or sold by auction, and would not appear in the exclusive shop. How could Irene buy it? Moreover, this watch was very expensive, and Irene couldn't afford it at all.

While she was thinking, an idea flashed through her mind.

Mary suspected that her father-in-law had an affair because he bought a lady's watch and didn't give it to her.copy right hot novel pub