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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 776 The True Face Of The Goddess

Essie poured two glasses of red wine and handed one glass to him. "You are such a smart person. How can you not see that your father's love for your mother is like a political marriage. He has responsibility and family affection, but there is not much love."

"Otherwise, how could she be jealous of mother-in-law?" Zac shrugged.

Taking a sip of wine, Essie said, "Daddy actually likes mommy. To be exact, he likes mommy before the car accident. According to my mother, Mary was simple, kind, modest and generous before the car accident. She loved father very much. Even if she knew that there was another person in his heart, she was willing to pay without regret. She also accepted her rival in love with tolerance and became good friends with her. But after the car accident, she changed into another person. As for what she looked like, I don't need to describe it. So mommy destroyed her marriage with daddy. Her change made daddy unable to sublimate his like of her into love. "

Zac fell into silence. He was only one year old before the car accident. It was impossible for him to have the memory of Mary Since he could remember, Mary had been like this.

"Lookers on see more than players. You have a good understanding about daddy and mommy's relationship, but you fail to see clear our relationship."

"That's because you are too scheming and cunning to be seen through," said Essie crossly He had her in his heart, but he had never said the three words 'I love you' to her. Was it necessary to cherish words like gold? Love needed to express it frankly. They had been married for a long time, but he still covered up his love for her.

She heard from her mother that her father-in-law was very romantic when he was young. This guy really didn't inherit this good gene from his father.

While she was thinking, Zac flicked her forehead and said, "Of course your eyes will be covered by a lot of messy things in my mind."

How could she have all the messy things in her mind? She wrinkled her nose, leaned against the sofa and pretended to be asleep, ignoring him. She didn't forget that they were still in a cold war?

When the air in the room gradually cooled down, her phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and found it was Jade. Eva didn't want to be his ATM any more. He had to find a way to borrow money. Besides Eva, the person who loved him the most was Essie. He believed that Essie was definitely willing to help him.

In the cafe, Essie ordered two cups of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and one for Jade. "Why are you so free today to visit sis Essie?"

"My sister is driving me into a dead end. I have no choice but to come to you." Jade looked depressed.

With a sigh, Essie said, "Jade, it's your fault this time. No matter how desperate you are, you can't borrow usury."

"I know I was wrong, but Essie, I have met a goddess recently. I like her very much. I just want to give her the best thing. I only have two hundred dollars left. I don't even have enough money to buy her a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Can you lend me a car and some more money? I will pay you back when I work in the future," Jade pleaded.

Essie looked at him. Although Eva had called her and Vinton and asked them not to borrow car and money to Jade. But judging from his anxious look, if she didn't borrow it, he would definitely think of other ways. It would be terrible if he made a bigger mess.

"Jade, I can lend you money and car, but on one condition," she said in a low voice.

"Essie, I can promise you anything." Jade smiled.copy right hot novel pub