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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 773 We Are Going To Have A New Grandma

On the second day, the bearded man came to deliver the money obediently. Jim issued a ban on the underworld. Whoever lent money to Jade again, he would go to dig his own grave.

The dessert shop of the Qi clan had been restored as usual. Eva prepared a table of Cantonese breakfast for Jim.

During the meal, Jade came over. His Buick was dragged away by a car arranged by Eva. He came here by subway.

"Sister, why did you take my car away?" Jade seemed to have lost his memory, completely forgetting that usury came to collect the debt he owed yesterday. He only cared about his car.

Eva put down her chopsticks. She was disappointed.

"Jade, from now on, I am no longer your sister. I will stop all the financial support for you. I won't give you a car or money!"

"Sister, I've heard that those usurers not only didn't ask you to pay back the money, but also gave you ten million. Why are you still making trouble for me? If you didn't refuse to give me money, how could I borrow usury? "

Before Jade finished his words, Eva jumped up from her chair and slapped him, "Jade, I'm not your ATM. If you want money, you can make it yourself if you want to chase a girl." After saying that, she called her assistant Annabel in. "Go and report to me right away. From today on, Eva and Jade are severed from the brother and sister relationship. From now on, whether he is in debt or wander in the street, it has nothing to do with Eva!"

Jade was shocked, "Sister, are you trying to frighten me?"

Eva snorted, "Jade, you will hit the headlines again today."

Annabel took out her phone and began to make a phone call. Seeing that she was serious, Jade was frightened and hurriedly begged for mercy from Eva, "Sister, I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

"It's too late." Eva made up her mind and ignored him.

"Sister, I really know I was wrong. I'm your only brother. Don't you love me the most? " Jade grabbed her sleeve and began to act like a spoiled child.

Eva frowned and said seriously, "it's because I indulge you too much that you become like this. If you want money, you can work in the shop and support yourself like others. "

"Sister, I have to study and have no time to work." Jade was depressed.

"Study?" Eva sneered, "Don't think that I haven't gone to your school to inquire about it. You only chase after girls every day, hold parties and go to night clubs. What do you learn? Learn to dreams! "

"It's okay to work. Give the car back to me. I can't take the bus back and forth every day, can I?" Jade pouted.

"Most of the people in this city take subway and bus. You can take bus as well as others." After saying that, Eva dragged him to the manager's office and reported, "He is not my brother or boss Jade. He is just your subordinate, an ordinary waiter. He has a probation period of three months and his monthly salary is two thousand."

"Two thousand?" Jade was furious, "I'm a college student. Why should I only have two thousand dollars as my salary?"

"First, you are in the probation period. Second, it's still unknown if you can get your graduation certificate. Third, you don't know anything." After saying that coldly, Eva turned around and went upstairs, ignoring him.

Jade was almost driven mad. How could he chase his goddess without a car and money? Did he want his goddess to take the bus with him?

After entering the private room, Eva poured a cup of tea and drank it up, trying to calm herself down.

"This guy should experience something," Jim said in a low voice.copy right hot novel pub