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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 112 The First Wife (Part Two)

Valery was no competition for Essie, so she definitely had to help her out!

At that moment, Valery rushed toward Zac to look at the document. She was unbelieving until she saw the clear photo and name on the marriage certificate. Hysterical, she clamped her hands over her ears, screamed like a banshee and promptly lost consciousness.

Zac alertly caught Valery in his arms before she crumpled to the floor. "Call the doctor," he instructed the hovering house help and then carried her into a guest room.

Of course, his sole concern was the baby, not the mother.

Elizabeth and Mary also followed him to take care of the patient.

Essie stayed in the living room alone. It was unnecessary for her to enter the room, anyway.

Albert did not move an inch; he only took a sip of tea and examined his daughter-in-law.

The girl spoke not a single word from beginning to end. She was quiet like a breeze, seemingly trying to shrink until she was out of sight, but the fact was she had always been the center of attention. What surprised him more was her unflappable calm throughout the discussion. Even with all of the barbs and provocation that Elizabeth and her daughter spouted, her expression did not change at all. How could his son be blind? The woman he liked must be very special.

In addition, he liked the girl. She was pure like the first strand of faint blue in the horizon at dawn, just like someone he knew.

Essie was uneasy at first, but Albert's gentle, doting look helped her calm down.

In this family, the one who was difficult to get along with was not this powerful leader, but his wife.

The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had always been a headache.

Essie realized that Mary wanted to insult her by soft words. She was perfectly satisfied with Valery, not with her.

The doctor arrived to check up on Valery. To their relief, the doctor said that her fainting spell was only due to extreme mental stress and assured them that the baby was safe.

Elizabeth's face darkened. She turned to look at her daughter with a sad look and asked, "Mary, isn't your son being too thoughtless right now? Why else would he marry another woman when Valery is pregnant with his son.copy right hot novel pub