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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 771 Swallow The Imitation Money For The Dead As A Punishment (Part One)

"If you dare to move, I'll smash your head first!" shouted Eva harshly.

The man with beard twitched his face and waved his hand, "Smash it!"

The hooligans behind him began to kick the chairs and overturn the table. Eva rushed forward and kicked the beard guy. He was kicked three meters away, covering his stomach and howling, "Beat her!"

The hooligans raised their choppers and pounced on Eva. Eva picked up the chair as a shield and kicked them away. The two hooligans fell to the ground with their teeth falling down.

The gangsters behind him waved their knife and slashed at her. Fortunately, Eva dodged in time, or her arm would be cut off.

The waiters were scared to death and hid under the checkout counter. Although Eva was good at fighting, those people all had one meter long choppers. If she was not careful, her body would be cut. The most important thing was that the wound on her right hand hadn't healed yet. She couldn't exert any strength, and her attack force had been greatly reduced.

One of the hooligans was good at fighting. When he chopped at Eva, Eva raised the chair to dodge. Because he used too much strength, the machete was stabbed into the chair.

Seeing this, the beaded guy grabbed the chair beside him and threw it to Eva. Eva threw the chair away to avoid it, but the chair still grazed past her arm. She snorted and hurried to find other chairs to shield herself, regardless of the pain. The knives in the hands of the hooligans were so powerful that if there was nothing to cover her, she was easily cut.

The three gangsters behind her saw her hand was empty and took the opportunity to slash her.

Just as the three choppers were about to land on her body, a hurricane like a bomb swept over from outside. Before the hooligans could react, they were all beaten to the ground, covering their heads and screaming.

Eva turned around and saw a tall, strong and handsome figure.

"Scum Jim, why are you here?" She was slightly shocked.

"Passing by.copy right hot novel pub