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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 769 Falling In Love With A Charming Lady (Part One)

He was deliberately putting pressure on the disobedient woman in front of others. If she didn't end the cold war and obediently beg him for peace, he would not only say it, but also take action.

A tinge of lust flashed through Essie's eyes. She would not mix different things together. The cold war between them would not end until he agreed to investigate the whereabouts of Alice.

"The couple are birds of the same forest. They will get together and separate when it's time. Let nature take its course," she retorted in an indifferent tone.

A trace of cruelty flitted across Zac's handsome face. "You are not a bird in the forest, but a bird in my cage." 'You can only be imprisoned had no freedom.'

Essie went crazy. There was really little chance for her to escape from the big devil.

Sadly, a marriage with a devil king would lead to a lifelong loss!

Irene looked at them and snickered in her heart. Last time when Leila came to her, she told her that they had a very tense relationship recently and that they were pretending to show off their love. It seemed that it was true. Her opportunity had come.

"Cousin, sister in law, I heard you were quarreling last time. Haven't you reconciled yet?"

"Aunt, you don't understand. My daddy and Mommy always get along with each other in this way. Did they have a fight? We can't look at the day. We have to look at the night. They play games together every night. Sometimes they don't sleep all night. It can be seen that they are in a very good relationship. " Before Zac and Essie could say anything, Mili cut in.

Zac and Essie were sweating. Their daughter seemed to have fallen into the magic circle of the game.

Irene pursed her lips.copy right hot novel pub