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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 768 You Are Not My Only One

Looking at the cold attitude of Albert, Essie denied the idea she thought a while ago. If Albert wanted to give it to Mary as a birthday gift, he would definitely ask her about it. But now it seemed that there was no sign of this.

She looked at Mary's face full of joy and excitement, and knew that she must think her husband did this for her. The more she hoped, the more disappointed she would be. By that time, the gap in her heart would probably be as miserable as falling from the moon to the bottom of the Great Rift.

"Daddy, when did you become interested in flowers?" Zac said casually.

"If you come to the group and help me with my work, I will have time to develop more hobbies," Albert smiled and avoided his question cleverly.

"Daddy, you are in the golden period of your career now. Your sons have got married and started their own business. You don't need to worry about them anymore. But I'm different. These children are still young and need me to worry about them. I have to pay more attention to your grandchildren," Zac analyzed seriously.

Shaking his head, Albert smiled, "You can always find a reason."

"Grandpa, if jasmine is improved successfully, there will be colorful jasmines in the garden, right?" Mili said happily.

"Yes." Albert touched her head kindly. He believed that Mrs. Rose would be very happy to see it.

After returning to the hall, Mary asked the servant to bring the sweet soup. Now that Albert was still sleeping in separate rooms with her, he must want to come back since he had spent so much time preparing her birthday gift, but he was too ashamed to mention it. So she took the opportunity and said, "Albert, I'll ask the servant to move your things back to the room tonight, okay?"

Albert understood what she meant, but he didn't have any feeling to the woman in front of him at all. Thinking of what she had done to Luce and Essie, he couldn't help feeling disgusted and didn't want to touch her.

"Let's talk about it later," he replied lightly. His cold tone was like a cold stream sweeping from Siberia, which made

Mary's excited and warm heart freeze in an instant.

Essie lowered her head to drink the sweet soup, pretending not to hear it. She just wanted to stay out of this situation. She would not speak for Mary, nor would she add insult to injury. She would only be an onlooker.

Zac glanced at Albert. In his heart, he still hoped that his parents could be harmonious and treat each other with respect as before.

"Daddy, since mommy has already regretted, how about..."

Albert put the bowl on the table and said, "Recently, the group and the chamber of Commerce have a lot of things to deal with. I think I can sleep well alone. Let's talk about it after the new year."

Hearing this, Zac didn't say anything more.

Essie could see it through by this time. Although the secret passage was cleared up, the past would always be a thorn in Albert's heart. He couldn't accept Mary as before anymore.

Zac also noticed that even if the nails were pulled out, there would still be an irreparable big hole in the wall. That was how their parents' marriage situation now.

Mary was depressed. She had been working hard on their marriage for so many years, and now she felt that she was going to the end. It was dangerous for a man lost his desire to touch a woman in the marriage.

After he finished the sweet soup, Albert went upstairs.

The corners of Mary's mouth twitched violently. Seeing that Essie was in the hall, she tried her best not to show her sadness.

Essie had always been good at gauging people's mind. She thought it was better for her to leave. Perhaps she had something to talk with Zac.

After she went to the studio, Mary began to sigh.

Zac comforted her by putting his arm around her shoulder.copy right hot novel pub