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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 767 Pretend Nothing Has Happened

"Zac, from now on, you can't drink more than three glasses. From hair to toes, you can only belong to me. No woman is allowed to touch you. Otherwise, you can only be drunk to get it done in the future! " Essie warned angrily. Alcohol was the most disgusting thing in the world. It could even suppress the hidden diseases. It was so hateful!

"Honey, as long as you behave well, I will keep my integrity for you," Zac said slowly, leaning against the bed railing.

"This is this. That is that. Don't try to mix everything together." Hearing that, Essie rolled her eyes at him. She knew that he wanted her to put her sister's matter aside, but she couldn't pretend that nothing had happened as she was a person, not an object.

Her sister's life was uncertain. She knew the truth and lived a happy life regardless of anything. How cold-blooded should she be to enjoy her life without any concerns?

"It depends on self-awareness. I'll sleep first. You should know the bottom line of our marriage. If you want to cheat on me, we'll divorce in a second. I won't miss any man who has an affair. " After saying that, she turned her back to him and ignored him.

A hint of cruelty flitted across Zac's handsome face. He didn't believe that this hurdle could not be crossed and remained in the middle of them all the time. He must have called in to subdue this muddled-headed fool, so that she would take the initiative to end the cold war and come to beg for peace.

On the second day, Lucy called and asked her to go home. Mrs. Rose came to her yesterday and asked her about what had happened in the past. She seemed to have remembered something, but she was unwilling to tell her.

"What did aunt ask you?" A glimmer flashed across Essie's face.

"It's about your father-in-law and mother-in-law," Lucy said.

Thinking of the conflict between Mrs. Rose and Albert in Provence, Essie said, "Mommy, last time in France, I don't know what happened between aunt and daddy. They have some misunderstandings. If you are free, why don't you sound her out? You are good friends. Maybe she will tell you. "

Lucy thought for a while and said, "When your aunt asked me yesterday, I didn't tell her the conflicts between her sister and her and Albert. I'm afraid that she can't accept it."

"Okay." Essie nodded. "Don't tell auntie for the time being. Solve the conflict between her and my father-in-law first."

In the afternoon, when Albert went to see Suzan, he happened to see Mrs. Rose accompanying her mother. The two of them felt a little embarrassed when they met.

Albert knew that avoiding was not the solution, so he decided to have a talk with Mrs. Rose.

In the VIP box of the British style afternoon tea house, Mrs. Rose flipped the hair at the temples of her ears, feeling uneasy and at a loss.

Albert coughed and said slowly, "About that night..."

"We... just pretend that nothing has happened. " Before he could finish his words, Mrs. Rose interrupted him immediately.

Albert kept silent for a while. He could do nothing but pretend nothing had happened and couldn't think of a better solution.copy right hot novel pub