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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 763 One Corpse With Two Lives (Part Two)

Mr. Liu was furious. He called the forensic expert over and extracted the DNA on the spot.

The purpose of the Zhang clan was to prevent the police from doing the DNA test. They had to rely on the public opinion to force Eva to compromise and give the money. If the DNA test showed that the child was not Jade's, then they would really lose their daughter's life without getting the money.

They surrounded the corpses to prevent the forensic experts from approaching. The police officer couldn't stand it anymore and ordered the special police to arrest them all. "If anyone gets in the way of our work, he will be taken back to detention."

In the afternoon, the test result came out. The baby was not Jade's. The police of Dragon City immediately posted the result on micro-blog.

The news caused another uproar.

Looking at the micro-blog, Jade breathed a sigh of relief. He was proved innocent.

In a small villa in the mountain, Janet fainted with anger. 'Even Homer sometimes nods.' Although she had made many calculations, she had made a mistake that the baby in Caroline's belly might not be Jade's.

However, a fool like Jade was the best tool. If Caroline couldn't do it, she would do it herself. She was good at seducing men, especially when dealing with brainless cavernous creatures like Jade.

As soon as Essie returned to the Rong Mansion, she received a call from the sanatorium. Mrs. Suzan was getting better and her eyes could move.

Essie was very happy. She went to the sanatorium with Zac and called Mrs. Rose.

Mrs. Rose didn't want to come back to Dragon City, but when she heard that her mother might have a sign of waking up, she rushed over regardless of everything. After all, mother's matter was the most important.

However, she had decided not to enter the Rong mansion anymore, lest she would be embarrassed to see Albert and feel guilty to see Mary.copy right hot novel pub