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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 755 Heavy Injuries

Irene knew that Zac liked fresh orange juice, so she went to the kitchen to make a small bottle. She took out the small bottle given by Leila and put the liquid in it.

When she was taking the glass, she accidentally touched the rose red wine that she had drunk. The cork of the bottle was not stuffed, and bright red liquid flowed out from it and splashed all over her body.

"Damn it!" She cursed from her throat, put the juice aside, and quickly went to take a shower and change her clothes. Zac must dislike the smell of alcohol.

As soon as she went upstairs, Mrs. Rose walked into the kitchen. She was also here to make juice. The habits of Zac and his father were very similar, and they both liked orange juice.

When she saw a jar of fresh juice in the kitchen, she guessed that it was Irene who made it. However, she didn't expect that Irene had poison it. After she finished squeezing it, she didn't care too much and just took a can of it and went out. Albert was still waiting for her in the Chateau.

Irene put on her pajamas after she washed herself well. She went to the kitchen and went upstairs with the orange juice she had made.

Mili was still video chatting with Zac. She wouldn't turn it off until it was bedtime.

"Cousin, I have made a pot of orange juice for you. Let's talk while drinking." She smiled, poured the orange juice into the cup and handed it to Zac.

"Thank you." Zac took it and took a sip. As Irene saw it, a mysterious smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. "Can I have a talk with Mili?" she asked.

Hearing what she said, Mili pouted and said, "Aunt Irene, you can go out now. Daddy and I are talking something secret. Outsiders can't hear us."

"How old are you? Do you have a secret?" Irene said with a smile.

"I'm a prodigy. I know more than you do." Mili raised her eyebrows proudly.

"How do you know more than I do?" Irene pursed her lips with a faint smile. How dare this little girl mock her intelligence?

"Can you recite the six hundred and fifth number behind the Pi?" Mili Michelle.

Irene was a little nervous. She couldn't!

"Can you calculate how much for thousand six hundred and ninety two times two hundred

and ninety four in ten seconds?" Mili asked again.

Irene was sweating wildly. Of course she couldn't!

Mili sneered, "Look, this is the difference between the ordinary you and prodigies like me."

"It seems that there is a generation gap." Irene smiled awkwardly.

"Honey, be polite. Don't talk to auntie Irene like that." In the video, Essie scolded in a low voice.

"I'm just telling the truth. Is it wrong to be honest?" Mili pouted, looking wronged.

Zac shook his head and smiled. She was such a naughty girl. She didn't even care about her father's face, let alone Irene.

"Irene, why don't you go out first? This little girl has a lot of secrets to tell me."

Irene was so depressed that she could only turn around and sulkily walk out. However, she didn't go downstairs. Instead, she went to the opposite room and peeped through the crack of the door. Leila didn't say how long the thing she gave would work, so she had to wait patiently.

Two hours later...

The door of the opposite room finally opened. Seeing [荣振烨] come out, she opened the door and walked out in a hurry.

"Cousin, have you finished talking with Mili?"

Zac nodded slightly, "Are you still awake?"

"I'm going to sleep." She took a deep look at Zac.copy right hot novel pub