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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 109 Is The Baby Yours (Part Two)

"What's wrong with you?"

A scenario played in Essie's head for a while. 'One day, Zac had an argument with Leila and got himself drunk. Valery then climbed into his bed and a drunken Zac thought it was Leila and later impregnated Valery.'

Such plots were frequently seen on TV shows. Not to mention, Valery's mother, Elizabeth, was a very skilled woman. She must have inherited that from her.

"Did Valery's family force you to marry her?" This was something she knew, and didn't even have to guess. Some people were just like super glue. Once you stick to their skin, there was no way out of it.

"There's no way I would marry her, but I want to be responsible and raise the baby myself," he said with sheer determination, assuring that the child was indeed important to him and he wanted to be responsible for it.

This answer made Essie feel a bit uneasy.

'Why would you want to take care of a baby if it weren't yours?'

It seemed to Essie that he just admitted that the child was his.

The thought that he had sex and had a child with the woman she hated the most was getting to her nerves and was driving her crazy. She looked at him with hard staring as while burning rage hissed through her body.

To her, he was a cold liar who was tainted and could never wash himself clean anymore.

"I'm sure that Valery and her family will never agree to it. They forced you to get married to Valery and because you didn't want to, you decided to run off and hide in Yang City. Am I right?" she bragged mockingly.

Not a single word escaped Zac's lips and he sat completely silent.

He had exhausted all his efforts to make sure that the child would be born into the world safely.

Essie acknowledged his silence as a confession, and an unpredictable smirk slowly appeared on her face. "Let me guess... You need my help. Since I am your wife, protected by the law, as long as I don't give up my position, there will be no way to force you into marriage with Valery."

A glimmer flashed through Zac's deep black eyes from surprise.

It was as if she could see right through him.

In some cases, she seemed as muddled and confused as a mouse. However, there were times that she was also so quick and clever that it always seemed to amaze him. He sometimes wondered if she was actually really silly or simply pretended to be.

"Are you willing to go back to Dragon City with me?" he asked her respectfully in a low voice.copy right hot novel pub