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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 751 Finally Showed Up

In the morning, when Essie woke up, Zac was no longer by her side. He had always been energetic, which meant he didn't feel tired.

She had a backache and sored waist. It was clear that they were in a cold war. The weak lamb was miserable.

After taking a shower and putting on her clothes, she walked out of the room and met Walt at the stairway.

"Sister in law, when will you take my little nephew, Dawny back?" He asked with a teasing smile. During this period of time, his heart was empty, as if he had lost a rare treasure.

"I will bring him back on the Minor Lunar New Year's day," Essie said.

"Then I will not see him for many days." He was a little disappointed.

"Brother, if you really like children, you'd better have one as soon as possible." Essie giggled and went downstairs.

Zac was having breakfast in the dining room, and the children sat next to him. It was weekend, so they didn't need to go to school.

Irene also came. She made the breakfast in person today. Last night, when Leila chatted with her on WeChat, she told her that Essie and Zac were quarreling, so she came early in the morning. She believed that Zac must need care and comfort at this time.

"Auntie, the Fried Bun you cooked is so delicious," Rabi said in a sweet voice.

"Then help yourself with more of them." Irene smiled sweetly, picked up a small fried bun and handed it to Zac's mouth. "Cousin, you should eat too."

"Thank you." Zac leaned back slightly and took it over with his hand.

Mili saw what Irene was doing. Recently, because of her classmates, she was particularly sensitive to women approaching her father. Although daddy and mommy hadn't been involved in their marriage, they had to be prepared. A muddled-headed fool like her mommy wouldn't find it.

Jimmy said that if he had been more vigilant and discovered his father's abnormality earlier, his family wouldn't have been broken up.

She had to learn a lesson and couldn't follow Jimmy's example.

Jimmy said that the closer someone to was you, the more careful you should be. So as long as it was a woman who had no blood relationship with daddy, she will keep an eye on it.

Irene picked up another crystal dumpling, dipped it in sauce and put it on Zac's plate. "Cousin, I know you like eating Cantonese breakfast very much, so I learned it from a top-class chef. Tell me, did I cook well? "

Zac nodded, "Not bad." His tone was indifferent and polite.

The more Mili looked at it, the more she felt something was wrong. She pouted and said, "Auntie, my daddy is not your husband. Why do you learn to cook his favorite food?"

Irene was a little embarrassed by her question and quickly said, "He is my boss. It's my duty to please him."

"You'd better find a boyfriend as soon as possible. It's not easy for women at a senior age to find a husband. They can only fight for other people's husbands," Mili said.

Irene was choked by the little girl's words. She sounded a little aggressive today.

At this time, Essie was walking to the door of the restaurant. When she heard what Mili said, she said in a hurry, "Mili, be polite. You can't talk to your aunt like this."

Mili wrinkled her nose at her and said, "Mommy, you are a silly girl." She was unaware of the hidden crisis in their marriage.copy right hot novel pub