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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 749 The Person Who Fell Off The Building

"What's wrong, baby?" Zac looked at her with a smile.

"Can I go in and see Mommy?" Mili asked cautiously.

"Mommy is still sleeping." Zac stroked her head.

"I just want to have a look inside," Mili pleaded. If they were playing games, her Mommy would not be injured. If they were fighting, her Mommy would definitely be... She suddenly stopped thinking and dared not continue to think about it.

Zac didn't know what was on her mind, but she had inherited all the mysterious genes from his little fool. It was not strange for her to occasionally do something strange.

He made a gesture of shush and said, "Keep your voice down. Don't wake mommy up."

Mili nodded and walked in quietly. Essie was sleeping soundly in the quilt. She saw the bright red bruise on her neck at the first sight and fell to the ground with a scream.

Miss Li was lying. Her parents were not playing games last night, but quarreling. Daddy is so powerful. Mommy is no match for him. Maybe she has been strangled to death by him!

Thinking of this, she burst into tears. "Daddy, you are a devil! You are a bad guy! You strangled mommy!"

Her cry woke up Essie from her dream. Almost subconsciously, she jumped up from the mat. "Who is dead? Who was strangled? "

Zac was confused by Mili's behavior. He thought she had a nightmare last night.

"Mommy, are you still alive?" Mili looked at her and cried.

Confused, Essie, two foot monk, grabbed her clothes and put them on. She walked up to her daughter and asked, "Baby, tell mommy what happened?"

"Mommy!" Mili threw herself in her arms. "Daddy hit you last night, didn't he? He has a mistress outside. He has changed his mind. Don't be with him. Divorce him and marry daddy Hanson. Daddy Hanson won't beat you. "

Although Zac hadn't figured out what his daughter was doing, his face darkened as soon as he heard that she wanted Essie to divorce him and marry Hanson. He walked up to Essie and pulled Mili out of her arms. "Little girl, do you want me to spank you today?"

Mili raised her little foot and kicked him hard on the calf. "You are a violent devil!"

In a hurry, Essie took her daughter back, patted her on the back and comforted her, "Baby, tell mommy, what happened?"

Mili sniffed and sobbed, "Last night, when I got up and went to the bathroom, I heard you crying in the tent. You two had a quarrel. Did daddy hit you? Miss Li lied to me that you were playing a game, but I knew it wasn't. Jimmy said that if a man has a mistress, he will become a devil and might kill his wife and child. "

As Essie and Zac looked at each other, the two of them suddenly realized what had happened. They only felt extremely speechless.

"Honey, Miss Li didn't lie to you. We are indeed playing games," embarrassed, Essie explained.

"Then why is your neck injured?" Mili wiped her tears.

"It is... I was bitten by poisonous bug. There are a lot of poisonous bugs on the top of the mountain. Yesterday, I was accidentally bitten by a poisonous bug flying in. " Essie smiled awkwardly.

"Really?" Mili looked at her and then at Zac.copy right hot novel pub