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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 745 Drive the Psycho Crazy

When Zac and Essie went downstairs, Lucy and her husband were taking the children to bask in the sun on the huge balcony of the villa.

Mili and Rabi bent on the cushion, building blocks, and Dot sat on the chair and read books.

The winter sun shone on the balcony. It was so warm that it dispelled the coldness.

At the sight of them, Mili giggled and said, "Lovers' quarrels are soon mended. Have you made it up?"

Essie walked over and pinched her pink face. "Little Traitor, did you tell daddy secretly that we came out for fun?" As soon as she arrived, Zac followed her. It would be strange if someone didn't snitch on her.

Mili stuck out her tongue. "Mommy, I did it for the sake of family harmony. One of you is too tough, and the other is too stubborn. If there is no middle person to reconcile, you two will definitely divorce as before. "

A gust of cold wind blew past in front of Essie and Zac, making leaves flutter.

When the air around quickly cooled down, Rabi's sweet voice came, "Mili, what does 'lovers' quarrels are soon mended' mean?"

"That is..." Mili rolled her big black eyes two times. In fact, she didn't really understand, but she could guess according to the literal meaning. "It means it is just a quarrel in the daytime, and they can make it up at night when they sleep. But they have to sleep together. They won't make up if they don't sleep together. "

Zac and Essie were speechless. Their daughter's words always shock everyone.

"Honey, you know too much," wiping the sweat on her forehead, Essie said.

"I'm a prodigy. Of course I know a lot." Mili raised her eyebrows and looked complacent.

Dot glanced at his parents and said, "I think they are not truly reconciled yet." He always spoke at critical moments and hit the nail on the head.

He was as observant as his father. Usually when they went downstairs, daddy would hold mommy or mommy would hold daddy's arm, or ten fingers interlocked. But today, they went down stairs one following each other in a separate ways. It was obvious that there was still a gap between them.

Lucy and Bob looked at each other and smiled, "Let's have breakfast first."

Zac nodded slightly, turned around and entered the restaurant. He didn't call Essie. The big devil had his own dignity as an emperor. As long as he thought he was right, he would never compromise.

Seeing him walk into the dining room, Lucy pulled Essie over and asked, "Are you quarreling with each other again because of Mary?"

"No, it has nothing to do with my mother-in-law. We just have some disagreements on some matters," Essie said weakly. The pain of not be able to tell the truth tortured her, and she could only swallow it with bitter.

"If it is not a big problem. Don't be stubborn anymore. It's bad for your relationship," Bob advised.

"Okay." Essie nodded and entered the living room.

Sitting face to face with Zac, the two of them kept silent and ate breakfast quietly.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was so quiet that one could almost hear the grass sprouting from the soil outside the window.

Zac's face was as cold as ice that had never melted. He had the absolute control on major matters. She had no right to disobey but to obey the obligation.copy right hot novel pub