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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 744 Overbearing Attack In The Hot Spring

"Maybe she thinks you are stupid." A mocking smile appeared on his face.

Eva rolled her eyes at him and raised her neck, "I think she has a good eye. Except for your first love, the women you dated later are too cheap. They either have plastic surgery or material worship. But I'm different. I'm naturally beautiful and pure. In her eyes, I'm the most competitive one. "

Jim slightly choked and looked at her from head to toe with a strange look. Then there was undisguised contempt in his eyes. "Heaven pepper, I was surprised to find another characteristic of you."

"What is it?" Eva pouted.

"You are most shameless one in this earth." Jim stretched out his big hand and pinched her face. "If you say ordinary is natural beauty, and boring is temperament simple, you are really invincible."

Eva got angry. Jim's venomous tongue was as poisonous as a Datura mixed with a White Oranda with Red Cap, which could poison people to death.

"If you think I'm not good, it only proves that your eyes are above your head. You're too picky." She wanted to say that he was snobbish, but for the sake of the steak he cut for her, she decided to be polite.

"In your opinion, I should just accept a fool like you with the intelligence of a trilobite?" Jim sneered.

"Forget it. Don't try to hurt us. Birds of the same feather flock together. You'd better continue to find your kind." Eva waved her hand.

Jim picked up the red wine at hand and took a sip slowly. "Heaven pepper, you can play the bad man, but can't I play the bad woman?"

Eva trembled violently, "What do you mean?"

Jim didn't respond, but curled his lips.

She put a piece of steak into her mouth and looked at him in astonishment while chewing. There was an incredible look in her eyes.

Scum Jim could change his girlfriend every day. In a word, none of his girlfriends could be

with him more than a week. According to his taste, it was impossible for him to choose such a cheap woman. Did he do it on purpose?

"Aren't you a neat freak?" she muttered.

Of course, Jim should know what she meant?

His face darkened. "You're talking too much nonsense."

"Well, let's stop talking. I want to eat something." Eva stuck out her tongue at him and buried her head.

After a long silence, Jim's voice came again, "Where is your fiance? You are injured. Shouldn't he come to serve you?"

After eating the last piece of steak, Eva sighed with satisfaction. "My Vinton is developing new markets in Southeast Asia market. He won't come back until the Spring Festival. I only tell him the happy news and never bad news about me every day. I don't want him to worry about me and let him work at ease."

This time, Vinton was ambitious and wanted to make some achievements to show his father, so she felt that she couldn't hold him back.

"What a good wife!" Jim said with a faint smile.

"I am." Raising her eyebrows, Eva didn't want to be modest at all.

"Is Vinton lucky or unlucky to marry you?"

Jim took a sip of wine and said in a low voice, like a cold wind blowing in front of Eva. She put down her fork and stared at him with one hand on her waist. "Of course he will be lucky to marry me.copy right hot novel pub