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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 107 I Am Pregnant With His Child

It was a silent and dark room.

A beautiful woman walked in with four bodyguards wearing black behind her.

She was wearing a gorgeous dress that was designed by Chanel, which perfectly covered her slightly swollen belly.

She looked at the unconscious girl on the ground, her eyes sinister and cold. It was as if she wanted to swallow her alive at once.

As soon as she received the anonymous e-mail, she immediately rushed to Yang City.

She had been looking for him all over the world, but as it turned out, he never even left the country.

What was more surprising to her was that there was a woman beside him now.

He had never looked at another woman aside from Leila. Now, he was even living with one!

'She is such a seductress. I won't let her get out of here alive," Valery thought to herself.

A man in black walked up to them and immediately recognized Essie after taking a look at her. "Lady Valery, this is the beautiful designer on the show Beauty on Runway. She is very popular nowadays, and is in the headlines every day," he said.

"That bitch! Tie her up!" Valery ordered in a stern voice.

The two other men in black next to them immediately took out the rope and tied Essie onto the chair.

The woman took a seat on the sofa and raised her hand to touch her swollen belly. "Take some ice water and pour it over her to wake her up," she said.

One of the men took out a bucket of ice water from the freezer, then he poured it over Essie's head like a waterfall. Essie's body shivered violently in reflex as her eyes bolted open.

Seeing the cruel and gloomy faces in front of her, Essie couldn't help but feel extremely frightened. She struggled to stand up, but she immediately found that she had been tied up. "Who are you?"

Did they kidnap her to blackmail her?

She didn't have any money!

Valery slowly got up from the sofa and walked up to Essie. Then, she raised her hand and slapped Essie across the face four times. If she hadn't been afraid that she would hurt the baby in her tummy, she would have surely beaten and kicked her to death.

Essie's face swelled up at once, and blood trickled down from the corner of her mouth to her jaw, and onto the apron she was wearing. She spat on the ground and said, "You wicked woman! You should do good things for the sake of the baby in your belly!"

The corners of Valery's mouth twitched, and a cold look flashed across her eyes. "James, give her a lesson," she ordered. Following her order, the dark-skinned man beside her walked forward, kicked the chair over, and kicked Essie's stomach hard.

The sharp pain almost made Essie faint.

Just as James was about to kick her for the second time, the tall and skinny man standing next to them suddenly stopped him. "My lady, she is Mr. Zac's woman. Just let her off with a warning, or else it will be difficult to explain this to Mr. Zac," he said to Valery. The mere thought of Zac made the man shiver.

In Dragon City, the moment people from the government and underworld heard the name "Zac", they would start trembling with fear.

He was cold, cruel, and ruthless!

And if you did something to offend him, you would regret ever having been born into this world.

Valery simply gave him a stern look and said, "Don't be afraid. I'm here with you."

The tall and skinny guy just pursed his lips. In his mind, he thought, 'Of course you are not afraid. You have a powerful background and you have a trump card in your belly. We, on the other hand, have nothing. When he finds out about this, we will surely be the scapegoats who will end up being punished, or worse, killed.'

When James arrived at Dragon City, he didn't realize that he had made a fatal mistake. All he wanted was to please Valery and further his career.

"You are so timid. How dare you come out? Go back home and suck on your mom's breast." James sneered at the thin man, lifted his leg, and kicked Essie as hard as he could for the second time.

The man just snorted in his heart. 'Go on. Kick her and laugh.copy right hot novel pub