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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 734 A Mysterious Threat (Part One)

Eva rushed to the bathroom and poured cold water on her face several times to make this coldness relieve her shame and anger.

Scum Jim dared to humiliate her like this. All the good impression she had for him before disappeared, leaving only endless resentment!

She wanted to call Vinton and burst into tears in his arms, but she held it back in the end. He was accompanying his father to the dinner party of the chamber of Commerce, so she couldn't disturb him.

She was so depressed and humiliated. She was too weak to resist in front of scum Jim. She could only be crushed. Since she couldn't defeat him with Wing Chun fists, she had to learn Tai fist and Brazil Jiu Jitsu... Until she could defeat him.

Walking out of the bathroom and in the dark passage, she suddenly felt that someone was following her. She suddenly turned her head, and a black figure flashed quickly and disappeared in the darkness.

Maybe she was dazzled, she didn't care too much. She just walked out of the gym and towards the parking lot.

Her car was parked in the left corner of the parking lot. When she was about to open the door, she saw a piece of paper on the window.

She picked it up and saw a row of warning words on it, 'Stay away from Jim Jing!

The signature was Bloody Mary.

She sneered. It must be written by some brainless fan of Jim. He must be dissatisfied to see her pointing her middle finger at Jim on the stage.

Jim's fans had always been the most ferocious creatures on the earth. Their protection of their Mr. Mcdreamy had reached an appalling madness. If anyone dared to slander their charming prince on the Internet, he or she would search the information of that person. And most importantly, he or she would directly go to his or her residence, leaving the slanderer nowhere to live.

It seemed that her behavior had attracted the attention of the brainless fans.copy right hot novel pub